Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hey Jack where you at?

5 C class boats and finally 1 B boat braved the windswept waters of Padilla Bay for the ever popular Jack Island Race. Colin Emsley and Keith Stone pulled start boat duty and the fleet got off together for a windy reach across to Huckleberry. Most boats opted for at least a reef in the main and the Wild Rumpians were actually sporting a storm jib. The fleet was tightly bunched in the gap between Guemes and Huckleberry, during the lull the Rumpus set the spinnaker and when the wind filled on the farside it was double digit boat speed until the jibe and our brute of a foredeck person pulled the pole apart and back to white sails for the rest of the run. Jack was to be left to starboard and the fleet was close enough to throw a blanket over them with the Team Emoyeni leading the way, Kymodoce swapping to a genoa without a big tear in it and Hasssenfeffers proving the turtle doesn't always beat the hare. The beat back to the first red buoy made one realize why gentlemen don't sail to weather, in the words of the great Bill Walton, "I've got people to do that for me!". The run to the second buoy was perfect: rolling waves, hot ruddered bums, surfing to 15 kts, and stereo loud enough so we couldn't hear the foredeck sniveling as they tryed to reset the backup pole during the gybe. By now Team Emoyeni was really digging in, Little Annie was proving that small sails go upwind in a breeze better than big ones and Syndicat was mounting a rally. This race requires Jack Island to be left to port on the trip home and all eyes were on the Emoyeni until it was determined that like many sailors before and probably more later, ya gotta read those instructions carefully...With spray flying and and everyone smiling she mistakenly left Jack Island to starboard. Many tacks and and splashy waves until the sun broke through and it was a fetch to the finish. Now a new race began could I get the boat put away, take Steph home, drop off the babysitter and be back in time to drop the bomb on the Team Emoyeni. Kymodoce won that race and I must say since those two boats park next to one another he did so with Gusto! John Gunn and crew aboard Little Annie earned her first victory and narrowly avoided being thrown in the bay as should be the custom. Chili @ the club along with cobbler left over from Friday night, Walt Meagher covered the bar and Tulip Regatta plans were discussed. In a word it was fun!

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