Sunday, March 06, 2011

Land of Opportunity

AYC has long been known as a home to many kinds of mariners both power and sail. The racing program is supported by both these groups. The weekend races, Wednesday night racing as well as our three premier regattas; Tulip in April, Windermere in June and the Northern Century in August rely heavily on the support of the whole club.

The Race Committee has created a number of tasks to be completed by April 1st in order to ensure the high level of success and revenue that keeps the doors open @ AYC. Take a look at the following list and please email Stephanie @ if something or everything tickles your fancy and you can "Git er done" before April 1st, or in some cases during the regattas...
  1. Transport old chase boat away from club property and store it until it is decided what the long term plan is for it. (boat and trailer not real attractive, effects club rentals, maybe have SVC marine tech students refurbish? options being considered....)
  2. Create or procure code flags A-J at least 2'x2' on six foot PVC 1" tubing for div. class flags @ regattas.
  3. Put up outside tent on grass for outdoor beer sales @ regattas and weather resistant smoking section.
  4. Scrub BBQ's and fill propane tanks
  5. Find missing permanent marks, probably need wetsuit. (see Andy about this, some things are more permanent than others)
  6. Figure out who owns trailer that demo Laser is sitting on by BBQ pit, then figure out what to do with it..
  7. We have one sided course boards "1" and "2" make them double sided and make 3&4 (need white paint ,black paint, and plwood 3x5 for good visibility on water
  8. We would like to have an individual with shotgun skills for Tulip and Windermere regattas, maybe more than one individual.
  9. Flag rack system for new chase boat to display start flags.
  10. RC flag (white RC on fouled anchor, blue background) I think..
Donations/wish list....
  1. Serviceable, comfortable life-jackets for new chase boat
  2. 3' diameter red/pink buoys (fish boat type)for start and temporary marks(inflatables in for repairs)
  3. 10lb and smaller danforth anchors with chain and rode for temporary marks
  4. GPS and VHF for new chase boat, if you're upgrading....
  5. Heat lamps for clubhouse decks during regattas (thanks be to Tom Dixon in years past, no longer a member...)
Grab a partner and join the fun it takes a sailor to "Git 'er done"

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