Thursday, April 28, 2011

Apriluary in Anacortes

12 brave crews braved the wind and rain swept eel grass and whale pasture we know as Fidalgo Bay. Brad Blymyer with lovely assistant Colin Emsley rode the bucking "support vessel"(really is the best name we can come up with?) to the start line.

In a heavyweight grudge match Pangaea led the way across the line with Kinetic Ki driving hard not far behind. While his first wife was cooking up the finest chili this side of the Skagit river Jim Bottles blasted the Celebration across the line threading the needle on port tack through a rapidly closing space to add B fleet highlights. In C fleet John Gunn annihilated the fleet on the first beat only to be swallowed up by those cool cats on Syndicat. In the end Pangaea, our newest member Eric Beemer surfing to victory on the Surfin Bird and Syndicat took home the gold.

After people wrung out their long johns and enjoyed the talents of Jerry Reilly behind the bar Colin Orsini put on a terrific presentation of RC 44 action from Austria to Dubai to Miami to places I can't pronounce. Check it all out @

Also note we have "D" class which does not require a rating. Simply purchase a race packet, sign a waiver, and show us an insurance cert. and you can come out and play. A long form birth certificate is not required.

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