Sunday, April 03, 2011

It's a Wrap -- 2011 Hein Bank Race...

The 2011 Ed Knowles Memorial Hein Bank race was run this Saturday with nine (9) boats competing and six (6) finishing due to the lumpy conditions. The race results have been posted and here are the perspectives from three different boats:

C Fleet - Emoyeni
Fun day, weather was better than advertised I thought. Nightrunner was hailed by the RC as being OCS a number of times. Too bad they didn't hear it. Emoyeni's crew of 5 had a great ride, stayed towards lopez, rounded the salmon bank buoy just because it made a great layline for hein, maybe 20-25 min behind the hobie. With two on the boat a bit motion sick and the other C fleet yachts retired we sailed a bit conservatively, soaked up the sun, and put some newbies on the helm for some hot surfing action... very brief kite hoist in rosario, saw 10.5 on the fun meter before the westerly kicked up hard and made for a bit of a lively douse. Finished just after 5pm.

B Fleet - Celebration
Celebration had a great day too. Only 4 on board. Jimmy, Arty, Gord and me. With the exception of me, no one over 165 lbs. Perfect day. Wind dies off Washington park and the Hobie 33 that we saw appear on the horizon from behind ended up passing us. Icon finished about 4 hours so 1"30pm. Night Runner, Pangaea, Hobie 33 and Celebration all crossed a little after 4pm. Perfect day.

A Fleet - Icon
A little lumpy on the way out to the bank near Davidson -- steep seas with a short period making for a bumpy ride. The wind diminished a little at the bank and the ebb turned to a flood knocking things down a little -- managed to do some surfing on the way home hitting 16-17 knots at times. Only saw 4 boats on the way home - don't know what happened to the others, perhaps they bailed given the conditions? We managed to ride the A2 all the way from the bank to the finish with an elapsed time of approximately 4 hours -- not too bad given the bumps on the way out... A fun day but could have been a little warmer!

For those of you that wished you could have been there -- here is a great video taken by Emoyeni that gives you a little idea what the seas were like...

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