Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Attention Racers -- Race Packet Change

Attention Anacortes Racers -- there has been a slight change to the race packet (sailing instructions) that you will need to be aware of this coming Wednesday night. Due to an error of omission, the start/finish line was not restricted in the initial version of the race packet -- this has been corrected with the following language:

NEW SECTION 12 --Start Line Restriction

After starting and completing the first leg of the course a boat shall not cross the starting line. A boat shall not cross the finish line until she completes the last leg of the course and finishes. A boat that breaks this rule shall not correct her error as per Rule 28.1. However she will be exonerated if she takes a Two-Turns Penalty as per Rule 44.2. This changes Rule 28.1.

The start or finish lines (and the boats or buoys that define it) shall be considered as an obstruction while racing. Boats may therefore leave the start or finish lines either to port or starboard. As an obstruction, Rules 19 and 20 may apply between boats as they approach and pass it.

You can download an updated version of the Race Packet HERE.

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