Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fast Women=No Cookies!

Six boats braved Junuary weather conditions in the annual Get Out the Boat Girls/Womens Regatta. Four races were sailed in a little under four hours. The Hassenfeffers with Wild Esther Wagner at the helm chose not to fly the spinnaker and took a beating in the windward/leeward buoy racing. Blackfoot the lone Bellingham entry learned that local knowledge of the bay is always valuable. Heron put a different lady at the helm each race and featured Mackenzie as the youngest skipper. Syndicat was able to muffle Walt long enough to slip into third. The yellow menace Wild Rumpus tallied 8 points and finished with bookends winning the first and last race. When the smoke cleared and the course was empty I realized in what has become one of my favorite traditions the Cookie Monster had not passed out chocolate chip cookies to each boat or at least not to the race commitee boat. They must have been reading up on sailing tactics instead of cookie recipes as Sarah Johnson and crew put the smack down on the fleet and put the little blue show in first place! Congratulations to all the competitors and thanks to Ed Kennedy for bartending duties and Colin Emsley for PRO and scoring.

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