Sunday, June 12, 2011

WOW!!!! Wonderful Windermere!!!!

WOW!! WHAT A WEEKEND!! Kudos to the dozens of volunteers involved, too many to name but we all know who you are and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! Special kudos to Fred Abelman, PRO, and his crew in unbelievably difficult shifty light air conditions and to Andy Schwenk (and of course you know who behind him...Steph!!). WOW, what success for AYC!
We had lots of boats out, from far and near, and all had a fabulous time. And, in their honor, we present this short tribute....

LITTLE ANNIE was playing GO FISH with her TEDDY BEAR in a peaceful state of KINETIC KI in the land of PANGAEA. Suddenly a BARREL OF MONKEYS descended, some of whom were SURFIN' BIRD, HRAVEN (with his SON OF RAVEN) and a Russian called CRAZY IVAN. Together they formed a SYNDICAT to win her AMORE! So, they kidnapped LITTLE ANNIE and took her on a JOY RIDE which soon became an EXTREME, EXCITABLE, WILD RUMPUS!! While everyone was shouting "YEAH DOG" and "go LUCKY DUCK", HANDYMAN undid his ZIPPER and with a SWISH his OLE YELLER, SKYE ROCKETED causing quite a KYMODOCE! With this distraction going on an old HOERNDAG with a BLACKFOOT chased, with great VITESSE, back to the AYC, where after a GARGLE BLASTER he wined and dined her with HASSENPFEFFER (rabbit stew to those in the know), TIRAMASU and a MONSTER COOKIE. But seeing this CELEBRATION happening, EMOYEMI was so jealous he swept in on a DRAGONFLY, going "KAA, KAA" and took her off to UNCLE PERVY'S SANCTUARY (a cheap motel) where in FEARFUL SYMMETRY he had his wicked way with her while all the time she prayed to SHEVA!!!

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