Monday, August 29, 2011

N100 - All Boats Home & Safe...

The 2011 running of the Northern Century finished up Sunday afternoon with all boats present and accounted for.  One interesting thing about this race is that three (3) father-son teams participated (Emma, Madrona & Really Crazy).  At the post-race party at the AYC clubhouse the following prizes were handed out:


Division #1
1st - Really Crazy! - Chris White
2nd - Surfin' Bird - Eric Beemer
3rd - LimeLight - Martin Vachon

Division #2
1st - Emma - Eric Jespersen
2nd - Madrona - Jamie Buchan
3rd - Idefix - Adrian Johnson


Division #1
1st - Blackfoot - Mick Corcoran
2nd - Wild Rumpus - Stephanie Schwenk
3rd - COHO - George Mundell

Division #2
1st - Garyloo - Eric Nelson
2nd - White Cloud - Steve Johnson
3rd - String Theory - Bob King


1st - Alii Kai - Doug Barlow
2nd - Blue Steel - Nigel Oswald

You can check out the fullresults HERE.  Pictures and stories are starting to emerge, so check out the AYC facebook page or the N100 Sailing Anarchy forum!

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