Thursday, September 22, 2011

AYC On-Line Forum Change...

In case you haven't noticed we have switched to using Facebook instead of our traditional on-line user forum.  When you select the AYC Forum logo on the main AYC website page you will be re-directed to the AYC Facebook page where you can view & comment on the various posts...

Why you ask did we make the change -- first the old forum was not being used very much (two posts thus far in September); and despite not being publicized the AYC Facebook page was receiving numerous hits and a stead stream of posts.

Our old forum is still available ( so you can go back and review past posts, etc.  Also, in the members only section of our website there is a private forum accessible only to members where you can review club records and privately discuss club business.

One final comment - we can always go back to our old on-line forum should we want to.  Stay tuned and for now please use our AYC Facebook page!

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