Monday, October 31, 2011


For those who missed it, too bad!! Last Friday's $5 Mexican Extravaganza by Jennifer and Bill Bowman (and others!) was superb!!!

This Friday, November 4th, it'll be a HAM SPECIAL (ham, scalloped potatoes, veggies, rolls, dessert) by Wendy Gray and her crew for the AYC Annual Meeting...election results for 2012 officers, a call for volunteers to help next year's Committee Chairs and Kevin Welch giving a program: NAVIGATING the WONDERS of the AYC WEBSITE!!
So register on line please, bring your $12, bring your laptop, participate and enjoy!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Ultimate in CRAB CAKES!!

Due to popular demand, after the crab feed on the 14th here it is:!!!!
Helen Prier’s Crab Cakes

Original Recipe – Mark Bittman’s Very Crabby Crab Cakes
from “I Love Crab Cakes” by Tom Douglas

1 Pound crab meat
2 large eggs *
1/4 cup minced red pepper
1/4 cup minced green onions *
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 Tab Dijon mustard
Kosher Salt
freshly Ground Pepper
1 Tab minced garlic *
2 Tabs Dried Breadcrumbs
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 Tabs curry powder *
Olive Oil or vegetable oil
2 Tabs butter

In large bowl mix together crabmeat, eggs, bell peppers, green onions, mayo, mustard, garlic, bread crumbs. Season with salt and pepper. Cover the bowl and chill for 30 minutes.

When you are ready to cook the crab cakes, put the flour in a shallow container and season with salt, pepper and curry powder. Shape the crab mixture into cakes. If the mixture does not stick together add more bread crumbs. Coat the cakes in the flour mixture. Cook in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Place oil and butter in the pan and cook cakes until golden brown on both sides. (about 4-5 minutes per side).

Experiment with the curry powder, some can be quite hot. You do not want to drown out the taste of the crab.
I added garlic to the recipe and an extra egg.
Add more mustard to taste.
Have fun!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

AYC....50 Years Ago...TURKEY SHOOT by LIONS

In case you've missed it, check the 'Back In The Day' page in this week's ANACORTES AMERICAN!!

Oct. 1, 1961
Mayor 'Bud Strom' okays a Lions TURKEY SHOOT at the ANACORTES YACHT CLUB!!!

Should we try a repeat? Any suggestions? Any turkeys to spare??

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crown dem Kings!

The 2011 Yachts of the Year are; Pangaea in A fleet, Celebration in B fleet, and Syndicat in C fleet. The overall Yacht of the Year will be announced at the Commodores Ball. If you were not able to attend the awards banquet Saturday night get on down to the club on Friday and pick up your award. Even if you did not win a series there is a little something for each boat that competed in A,B, or C fleet.

Crabfeed/Racer Volunteers...THANK YOU !!!

It was 2 great evenings...Crab Feed Friday and 'toberfest Racers Awards Saturday....both to 'packed houses'. And it never would have happened without the volunteers. THANK YOU: Deanna Emsley, Pam Edwards, Sean Kelly, Jan Chapman for bartending, Helen and Larry Prier and Patti Krieder for the crabcakes and cookies, Koffee Klatch guys (Ed Kennedy, Bill Short, Dave Thomson) plus Duane Stai and Jr member, Gabe Hill for setup of tables and chairs. Then Kathi Reilly, Joanie Mickelson, Carol Herbert and Jennifer Bowman for the table decor. Jerry Reilly took your money one night and Gabe Hill the next. Nancy Drake and Bernie Bell helped Wendy Gray in the galley Friday night and Raymond Russell, Gabe Hill and Kelli Boardman helped her Saturday night and then there were the 'Desseert Divas' Friday of Brandy Britton and Bev Dresen, followed by Clean Up Kings, Mark Novak, Duane Stai, Mike Herbert, Anne Barry and many others!!!! And then of course, you had to have been there, but the Steph and Andy Show Saturday night was memorable as always!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!
P.S. If you missed the opportunity to volunteer this weekend, there'll be more in the future...check the sign up sheet on the bar!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Phun with Phil!!

RACE THIS SATURDAY!!! Start at 1pm at or near the tanker dock. Listen to VHF 72 for course details. All are welcome even if this is your first race. One start for all, course length and direction based on wind strength and direction or lack thereof.....Be on the lookout for Hobie Cats and stay clear, they are racing for a championship. Bar opens @ 5, dinner @6, year end awards and program 6:30.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Friday Night....General Meeting, Officer Nominations for next year, cruising program by Mark Bunzel and Annual Crabfeed. Already 120 of you have registered, so it'll be cozy but we'll do it!! You'll see!!! If not registered, you must, or end 'crab-less'!

And then Saturday Night...The Racer's Award evening, again with dinner, recognition and trophies (prizes) to the winners of and standouts of one of our best racing seasons ever!!! All are welcome but we expect all skippers and their crews to be there....along with the Hobie-18 sailors who are in town for their regatta!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Racing Update

When the leaves start to turn colors and blow down the street, your crew has been sailing all season and have their act together it is time to head out on the Salish Sea and try to fill that dusty trophy case! This past weekend featured the Puget Sound Sailing Championship sponsored by CYC of Seattle. Wind was great on Saturday and six races were sailed Sunday was very light and only two races were completed before sailors headed for the beach. The fleet is split into two courses; on the North course sailing in P4 div. the mighty Grafix skippered by Dave Martin battled to second place, Barrel of Monkeys a Viper 640 helmed by prospective member Scott Ellis finished 6th. Meanwhile down South Ian Slaon took the Melges 24 Mikey to one of the toughest fleets of the season finishing 11th in a 22 boat fleet, highest finish was third and they carried two 19ths after leaving early Sunday to beat the crowd at the crane and watch the Seahawks. In South 2 div Andy Schwenk and the Northern Century crew that won the fully crewed div. switched Hotfoot 27's from Blackfoot to Egress and scratched out another victory.
In other racing news the OIYC sponsored the Benson Cup Race 'round Waldron Island starting just North of Jones. Nearly the entire fleet was swept over early but were able to battle back and chase the ones that weren't, like Cookie Monster for example. Chuck Tidrington and his crew of 1000's placed 5th, Stephanie and the Rumpians were 7th. After the race a potluck and campfire was enjoyed by all @ Jones Island and Night Runner made a celebrity appearance. As I write this I'm thinkinghow often I hear about a boat trying to procure crew and the fact that Chuck has always had a boatload, in the White Lightning days it was rediculous! Maybe Chuck could host a seminar this off season for skippers looking for crew....
Tune in later this fall for Seattle Yacht Club's Gran Prix and the ever popular OIYC 'Round da County!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Year End Awards/ Fun with Phil!

Hey y'all lets have some fun and laud the winners! October 15th is the annual year end sailing awards banquet. We have had our biggest and most successful year ever at AYC with record breaking fleets in each of our three signature regattas. The weekend series and Wednesday nights continue to grow and we have big plans for next year. There will be a race starting near the tanker dock @ 1300. Even if you haven't done a race all year, here is your chance. Listen on VHF 72 for course details, the local Hobie 18 fleet will be our RC. (Fred Abelman) It is likely we will head out Guemes Channel or around Huckleberry depending on the wind strength and direction. Don't forget to record your finish time. When the fun on the water ends the fun @ the club begins. The bar opens @1700 and dinner by Chefs Mac and Wendy is at 6pm. The annual slideshow will be produced by that wacky Stephanie, please drop off your CD with your favorite pictures to Northwest Rigging at 2901 T ave #4. Yes, we are still there, the shop at 28th and R is Anacortes Rigging owned by club members Ian and Joy Sloan.