Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Here's to Happy Holidays to all AYC members, their families and their friends!!  Snuggle up, stay warm, smile, laugh and enjoy!!!   And remember how lucky we all are to be here in this marvelous corner of the world!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Shopping

What do you buy for the sailor that has everything? Well Cat Sass is for sale and a beat up old SC-27 is always a fine choice, but hey who can afford moorage? My father and I never agreed on much but there was always one thing we could agree on..... Boat Show Tickets! This year the largest boat show on the West Coast is the Seattle Boat Show Jan 25-Feb 3rd. Actually two shows in one, the afloat show at South Lake Union and the indoor show at Century Link Events Center.( Free Shuttle). Here's your chance to get terrific bargains. Buy a set of sailing gloves for your favorite crew person and tell them you want to see holes worn in the palm's by seasons end, from pulling on sheets. (not opening beers). You can buy rope by the lb. at the Samson display, any kind of line, high tech or mooring line, bags and coils for just a few bucks. KAM sailing gear sells off all kinds of fleecy things for  keeping warm, check out the marsupial pouch for fingers that aren't on the helm. It's like what NFL quarterbacks wear, you'll think you're faster just wearing it. There are events and seminars, and all kinds of electronic gadgets and gizmos. Do you have one of those mainsails that is like set it and forget it and you haven't adjusted the traveller since the Nixon administration? Talk to the sailmakers and riggers and find out when to give your cunningham a yank! Alright a shout out to the stinkpots....How about checking out a fancy new tender? Center console, electric start, room for a crab pot or two? Touch screen technology at the helm station, security cameras, fancy new mattress, or new glass for the flybridge enclosure.
Why don't we get a sign up sheet going Friday night and we pick a day and ride the train from Mt Vernon? The train station is adjacent to the show and apparently there is a place called a "bar car" aboard these trains... No parking fees and a chance to brag to your fellow AYC members what a terrific deal you got on a new yacht!

Friday, December 14, 2012

New Years Resolution

I know I'm jumping the gun but what if it all ends on the 21st? In any case here's your chance to make 2013 the best year ever. AYC is looking for an individual or even better a group of individuals that would enjoy being the "goto" people for Race Commiteed duty. This primarily means being interested in heading out on the water at about 5pm on Wednesday nights from May1st to September throw a few buoys around blowing a horn and flying a flag or two. In reality it is not that simple, it is challenging but fun when you do a good job. There is real satisfaction in doing a good job and developing a strong team. I have done a ton of RC duty over the past 7 years. Some days have gone well, others not so much. No competitor should be expecting perfection from the RC, on the other hand AYC has invested in boats, equipment, radios and navigation equipment in order to make it easier. Of course I love to sail and compete, but someday I know I won't be able to do that forever, when that day comes it is likely I will embrace the chance to stay involved by taking a ride in the RC launch. We have talented and willing memebers to show you the ropes until you get the hang of it..... Interested? Give me a call or drop me an email, or just stop by the shop.....

Saturday, December 08, 2012


This Friday's General Meeting is very important for all members, as it will be an in-depth presentation and discussion of the expansion plans for our clubhouse.  We've managed to 'jump through all the hoops' with the City of Anacortes, drawings are all finalized and contractors are reviewing them to submit bids.  We, your Board, want the membership to be fully informed of the plans, the status, and the proposed financing so you can make an informed vote on proceeding. We plan on the membership voting once we have bids back.  So plan on joining us...lasagna dinner with all the trimmings!  Please make your reservation ASAP.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One week late but worth the wait

As I sit here sipping coffee and wondering where I am going to buy Nicole dinner I realized the RTC recap was left undone. Last Friday night AYC had the biggest night of bar revenue since those Tollycraft owners were in town. The OIYC 'Round the County Race now in it's 25th year was set for a Saturday morning start and nearly every sailor in the Salish Sea was in attendance. The Commodore and the missus lined up terrific entertainment and Steph put together a slide show for the ages. Talk about a fun party? Well you had to be there...Saturday @ 0830 came way too soon at the start line at Lydia Shoal near Obstruction Pass. A blue Norther and choppy sea met the AYC fleet consisting of ICON, Teddy Bear, Pangaea, Passepartout, Wild Rumpus, Celebration, Seeker and Nicole aboard Emoyeni (more about her later). Spinnakers of every color strained at the sheets and pulled the fleet South to the first turning mark at Davidson Rock. The slow boats go firs,t so the big buckets traveling at nearly double the speed had a labyrinth to deal with in the 80 boat fleet. The fleet went closehauled at the corner and had a choice to make to get to Mosquito Pass, go to the beach or go offshore. At Lime Kiln the fleet came together again and it didn't seem to make too much difference. The lead boats finished the 34 mile leg in less than four hours and the small boats struggled against a huge ebb pouring out of the Pass as it went dark. The times are held overnight at Roche Harbor and the clock is restarted at Battleship Island  Sunday morning. The dock party is fun and chilly and each year I find my bunk that much earlier. Now a SE front rolled in and the spinnakers bowled North to Turn PT where the fun really began. Let's just say no matter how big a heater you had or how far you turned up your collar it was wet and wild, and cold! 80 boats swapping tacks up the Saturna Shore and a massive tide rip off Patos kept the navigators busy. Full results @ roundthecounty.com/results. Oh yeah, I didn't lose the bet with Nicole on the race it was about her and Kyle Roethle, Congratulations! Marriage is a fine institution and it looks like these two are going to be institutionalized.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anacortes Maritime Speakers Series

Joe Upton appearing at the Anacortes Library this Saturday 4p-5p

Nautical author Joe Upton will be featured at the Anacortes Library Maritime Speaker Series this Saturday, November 17th at 4pm - 5pm.  Attendance is free.
Joe's stories of traveling along the Inside Passage are classics for any boater. His books "Alaska Blues: A Season of Fishing" and "Bering Seas Blues: A Crabber Tales of Fear in the Icy North" chronicle life on the water and the people that fish in some most beautiful but challenging waters in the world.
Joe is a master storyteller. Anyone who cruises Southeast Alaska, or wants to boat in these areas will love hearing from Joe.


Monday, November 05, 2012

Friday Party Plan

Well it has stopped raining that is weird.....Let's look at our calendars for this week. Ahhh Friday night at good ol AYC. The AYC has developed a fine reputation of hosting sailors passing through town on their way to the OIYC 'Round the County Race. Doors open at 1500. The greatest music and slide show featuring  all AYC boats from F-18's to Perry 66's and all boats in between starts @1700.
Dinner featuring jambalaya, table decorations, banners this party will have it all. Music starts 8pm and we can have all kinds of fun, hey were even setting up a ping pong table downstairs, cool sailor game, what hppens when you cross musical chairs and ping pong? Come find out! You can really let your hair down cause hey they are going to start the rebuild soon so what could possibly go wrong? Please come welcome sailors from all over and show them what AYC hospitality is all about.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gran Prix and Great Pumpkin

4 AYC burgees headed South October 27/8th. AYC boats and skippers included; ICON skippered by Kevin Welch and helmed by Ian Sloan, Surfin Bird owned by Eric and Jordan Beemer and Celebration with the Bottles family participated in the Seattle Yacht Club's Gran Prix invitational regatta. Each boat must qualify for this regatta at a regatta like AYC's Windermere Regatta or Swiftsure among others. This regatta lasts 3 days and features both distance and buoy racing. The rain fell and the wind blew and the Big Blue Show just about won it all placing 2nd in Div 1. Celebration placed 4th in Div 5 and The Surfin Birders were 7th. The fleet included terrific boats from all over and other AYC members competed on several boats, Kyle Roethle on Shoot the Moon and Keith Stone on Ace.
The Wild Rumpus blew straight thorough Seattle to Richmond, CA for the Great Pumpkin Regatta. WR placed second in the buoy racing on Saturday with Stephanie driving and 6th outa 197 boats in the pursuit race on Sunday with the rarely seen Andy on the helm. The pursuit race course started at the South Hampton Shoal either way around Alcatraz and Angel Island. Highlights included seeing the foiling multihulls screaming across the Bay and the Aussie 18 skiff turtling and being swept Oracle style under the Golden Gate.
Plan on coming down to the club Friday, November 9th to welcome sailors from all over the sound on their way to the OIYC 'Round the County regatta, doors open at 3pm. Hearty soups and bread for 5 bucks and plenty of refreshing beverages.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

LAST.....& NEXT !!

Last night's $5 Nite was perfect...wonderful, hearty beef stew for a cold, wet blustery night!!  Kudos and thanks to Chris & Jennifer Dalziel and Steve & Susan Wood for a job well done. If you weren't, you should've been there.
And coming up:

  • Tonight (Saturday the 27th) The 4th Annual Girts Rekevics "Haunted Warehouse" (fundraiser for Island Hospital Oncology Center) at the Port of Anacortes Transit Shed
  • Friday night November 2...AYC Gen'l Mtg with election results, program "The Track of Katarina, Bareboat Chartering the Dalmatian Coast" and catered fajitas (make reservations, please!).

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let's get scared!

Saturday night is the 4th Annual Girts Rekevics Haunted Warehouse at the Port Transit Shed at the North end of Commercial Avenue. Doors open @7pm, band starts @8pm. This ain't any old band, this is Skagit Valley's finest "Midlife Crisis featuring the Alimony Horns". Costume contests, door prizes, raffles, dancing, fine food, what else do you want? All the proceeds go directly to the Anacortes Cancer Care infusion center for patient comforts. Girts was a talented sailor and knew the value of having a good time. Bring your favorite spooky pal and come join the fun. If you are outa town contact Judy Rekevics directly at judyrek@aol.com.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

EMOYENI...AYC Boat of the Year!

Congratulations to Chris and Kyle Roethle (father, son extraordinare) and their crew on the Islander 30', EMOYENI, for a season well sailed!  They received AYC's coveted Boat of the Year Award at last night's Racer's Award party.
For those interested, the BOTY award is calculated on a formula that includes 75% participation in selected series of club races, winning or placing, number of competitors in each race, etc, and this year's results were ever so close....
EMOYENI 1st with 65.77181 points,
KYMODOCE (Kyle Saum) 65.67164,
PANGAEA .... 65.47619,
SYNDICAT .... 60.89744,
HANDY MAN ... 53.07692 and
LITTLE ANNIE ... 49.66887 to round out the top 6.    How's that for close racing!!
It was a grand evening, in spite of a 'unroasted pig' and other missteps, but once again, big sincere, kudos to Andy and Steph Schwenk for another marvelous racing season!!!   We all THANK YOU!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Comin' UP!!!!

October is slipping past....cooler, breezier, leaves falling but last mowing done!!  Tonight, Friday the 19th is the usual Social evening...bar open and we'll have some pics of the AC45 racing in San Francisco on the big screen.. Commissioner Keith Rubin's 60th and Pat Barrett starting the pig aroastin' for tomorrow's Racer's Finale and Awards for the season....Fun Race at 1:30 followed by food, drink and camaraderie.   All are welcome!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

DUES...That time of year again!!

With the cruising and racing season winding down, the leaves falling, foggy days and colder temperatures, it comes time to pay for the good times had and the good times ahead.   Lots going on at AYC, but your Board, after careful consideration and accessment of our financial standing has decided that dues will remain unchanged for this year...$240 or $20/month.   What a deal!!!  So, the notice will be going out this week....please respond promptly.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

America's Cup and AYC

This last weekend about 2 dozen AYC members ventured to San Francisco to watch the last America's Cup 45 Series Races (AC45) for this year, and what a spectacular weekend it was!!!  Besides it being beautiful weather, it was "Fleet Week" with the Navy ships, the air shows, etc, etc, and it was estimated over 1 million people lined the shores to watch!  Mark Turner treated us to a tour of the Core Builders facility on Pier 80 where 2 72' catamarans are being built for next summer's America's Cup final by the crew that was here for years. Tom Ehman of ORACLE spoke highly of Anacortes and of AYC on his morning show and everywhere we went people acknowledged and were aware of the Core Builders and the connection with us here in Anacortes.  Wendy and I were fortunate enough to have media passes (thanks to help from Jack Darnton at The Anacortes American) so watch for our contribution coming (we hope) in the AA!  If you see the Popes, Herberts, Malseds, Bottles, Beth Bell, Neumans, Pat Barrett & Mary, Sean Kelly & Jan, Eric Sorenson, Wendy or me...we'd love to bore you with stories and pictures!!!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Doesn't get any better!!

Blakely Island..24 boats, 70+ great people, clear skies, warm days, cool nights, full moon, glorious sunsets, games, chocolate, cheese, wine and it goes on and on!!   Somehow every boat (except 'ICON') was 'shoehorned' into that great little harbor and while Bob Bell was doing that, Bernie Bell (& daughters Chris & Becky) were overseeing the pitching of beanbags, the throwing of footballs and the chipping of golf balls....then the wine tasting, then the dinner and Sunday morning capped by Chowanec's pancakes and sausage and Cashetta's Bloody Marys....and the WONDERFUL camaraderie all weekend.   Thank you everyone!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Life member, Billie McKee

Lifetime AYC member, Billie McKee, wife of ex-Commodore (1965) Don McKee passed away this week at the age of 90.   They have, in the past, been very active members and attended our 120 Anniversary Celebration in July of 2011.   Our thoughts and condolences go out to Don and the family. There'll be a memorial service at Westminster Presbyterian Church at 3PM Tuesday 2 October.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Drifting with a purpose

11 intrepid AYC yachts challenged Bellinghams best in the annual ABC Challenge. This years course was the same as last except less wind. Those of you that competed last year may find this hard to believe. Son of Raven slipped out to the early lead but was soon chased down by the Cat Sass. The Rumpians gybed out to the West and the breeze filled from the East and Walt Meagher singlehanding Syn di Cat was soon challenging for the lead.  We met the Bellingham fleet at Viti Rocks and the usual pleasantries were exchanged. The fleet bunched up in the battle South around Sinclair and it was reach for the finish at Lydia Shoal buoy. Boat after boat was washed past the finish and the suffering started in earnest as the clock continued to tick, tick, tick. Son of Raven eventually prevailed for first to finish, handicap results are not in yet, standby.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Endless summer.....?

How about this weather...wonderful!!   Hope all are enjoying it!

Those of you who missed it, it was the usual Walt Meagher gourmet delight Salmon feed at last Friday's Gen'l Mtg.  Wednesday night racing is the last of the season...Pajama Night...thanks, NW Rigging.  Friday night there's socializing at the Club,  Saturday is the ABC Challenge Race to Blakely and then the Blakely Wine, Cheese, Chocolate Cruise organized by Bob & Bernie Bell the 28th to 30th....again the last of the season!!

Looking ahead, the October Gen'l Mtg is Friday the 12th, the Annual Crab Feed...ink that in on your calendars!!   And at that meeting, we'll nominate Officers for next year.  There's lots of talented, able, eager members out there....please speak up and 'offer your services'....The nominating committee (Vince Sellen, Ed Kennedy, Jan Chapman) are looking 'for a few good people'!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Salmon feed Friday night...Gen'l Mtg

Friday the 14th is our Annual Salmon Feed and General Meeting!!  And our program should be very entertaining and informative..."The Caressing and Care of Marine Batteries".  So whether you count electrons or run your generator all night, this is for you.    Last weekend was a marvelous cruise to Deer Harbor, organized and hosted by Anita and Tom Nute (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!) and Sunday was a most frustrating Tri Straits III Race....Wednesday was the next to the last Wednesday night race for the season, the nominating committee is busy looking at next year and the expansion plans and permits continue to crawl thru the bureaucratic process.   Hope to see everyone Friday Night!!!

Monday, September 03, 2012

AYC on the Road

Three Anacortes boats travelled North to Bellingham for the annual PITCH Regatta held Labor Day weekend each year.Team Handyman and Wild Rumpus competed in Division 6 and Race Knight co- skippered by Ed Kennedy and Mike Hebert participated on the Race Commitee. Both Saturday and Sunday morning the wind filled in solid enough to break out the #3 jibs and the heavy kites. The afternoons featured warm lighter breezes and a total of seven races were completed. Free moorage, free burgers, free camping, free beer and sunshine made for happy skippers and crew. The Wild Rumpus had the ususal Team Estrogen crew, except for Andy, and got off to a rough start with some confusion about the sailing instructions but came roaring back on Sunday with straight bullets. Handyman won the award for the best campground hospitality complete with their own Honey Bucket, BBQ and dockcart.....you had to be there! Bellingham boats have been terrific about supporting AYC regattas. It would be nice to set up an AYC Armada next year to win back the Kelly O'Neill Cup that went to OHYC this year.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2012 N100 - It's a Wrap...

The 2012 running of the Northern Century turned out to be a marathon event with approximately 40 boats starting and a 14 finishing.  Congratulations to the following winners:

Double Handed - Division 1
1 - Vampire - Don Millie - J30
2 - Celebration - Jim Bottles - J30
3 - Chaos - John Peterson - C&C 110

Double Handed - Division 2
1 - BINGO - Walter Northfield - Perry 24
2 - Magic Juan - Sannon Buys - San Juan 24
3 - Kymodoce - Kyle Saum - Ericson 29

Fully Crewed - Division 1
1 - Madronna - Carl Buchan - Custom
2 - String Theory - Robert King - Olson 40
3 - Bergen Viking - Svein Ellingsen - J35

Fully Crewed - Division 2
1 - Mayhem! - Jaxon Joiner - San Juan 24
2 - Hoerndag - Brian Lawrence - San Juan 28

Here is a graphical summary of the race tracks taken by the competitors -- as you can see from the image various routes were taken and there were many places where people were drifting around...

Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 Northern Century Sailing Instructions...

The 2012 Northern Century Sailing Instructions have been posted -- you can get your copy HERE.  At present we have 34 boats registered, with a number on the fence.  We should get close or even set the record for the number of boats registered for this event.

If you have are on the fence there is still time -- registration remains open until the very last minute!  If you haven't done this event before, it is one of the very best in the Pacific Northwest!

The Northern Century - don't miss it!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top Ten reasons to do Northern Century

#10 Only 1 multihull is signed up; if you were at Cowichan Bay Regatta you know what I mean...
#9 It starts @ 7pm even bankers and financial advisers are awake by then
#8 It's actually only 94 knautical miles
# 7 You don't have to pay 3 days for a condo you're only going to be in for 1 night in Roche Harbor
#6 No schooners are entered.... yet
#5 While you are in A town you can visit the Rockfish/Anacortes Brewery
#4 80% off on moorage, the town crier, and real live Fidalgo Artillery for start
#3 You haven't signed up yet?
#2 Sun, wind, moonlight, starlight, and favorable current
#1 Legendary AYC hospitality, come play with your friends!!! Time spent on the water does not count against the time you're allotted!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Vendee Shaw

The AYC burgee was flying high this past Saturday. Every AYC boat that left on Friday to compete in the annual 'Round Shaw Island Race returned with a new pickledish to add to their trophy case. The Son of Raven with skipper Chris doing a workmanlike job at the helm finished in the shortest time and was third on the handicap system.The Bottles family was nosed out of first and returned with the silver medal. In a battle of the behemouth lead bellied money guzzlers the Roethle clan held off the late charging Kymodoce to post 2nd and third respectively. The Wild Rumpus was nothing if not consistent finishing second for the second year in a row. Now in the damn that's kinda interesting file... The first and second place boat overall went opposite ways around the island  and were not separated by much so, why worry mon? Just do it! High level talks were conducted with SJIYC for hosting AYC at the popular Foulweather Race in February. With the Canadians now joining us each year we have pretty much outgrown the Downrigger and are looking for a new host in Friday Harbor. If you have any connections to SJIYC or know someone who does or if you have an alternative plan please contact Chris Roethle, the chair of this event.

Friday, August 10, 2012

NOWZA time 4 Northern Century!

If you haven't already please sign up for the N-100! This helps us plan meals, T-shirts and the spot tracker contract. The SC-27's are planning a showdown in the DH class with Thunder Muscle, Giant Slayer, Blade Runner, Wild Rumpus, LBDB, SFF, The Kraken and others showing interest. Son of Raven is due back to regain her title. The 2011 awards and the annual picture will be at good 'ol AYC Friday evening before the start. The club will open Friday @ 1200hrs and also be open after the event Sunday for war stories!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

17 And Counting...

In case you have forgotten, the 2012 running of the Northern Century will be held August 24-26 (a little less than two weeks away).  At present we have seventeen (17) boats registered with many more expected.  If you haven't done this race before this is your chance to 1) participate in one of the best distance races in the northwest; and 2) support your club.

During the race there will be race tracking which you can access from the club web site (or www.northerncentury.org).  The basic schedule of events for the weekend is as follows:

Friday - August 24, 2012 
1300 - Registration & merchandise sales at AYC clubhouse
1700 - Skippers Meeting, Weather Briefing, Dinner & Awards from 2011
1830 - Boat Parade - between A & B Docks in Cap Sante
1930 - Double-handed Division Starts - Fidalgo Bay
1940 - Fully-crewed Division Starts - Fidalgo Bay 
Sunday - August 26, 2012
1830 - Refreshments & awards at AYC clubhouse

Friday, July 27, 2012


What can we say, but Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the volunteers that made this week of the Lido Class Championship Regatta the success that it was!!!  So the wind was absent yesterday, the racing was great Tuesday and Wednesday and all the competitors were pleased, had a grand time, and were most appreciative of the efforts we, AYC, put forth!!   And we all owe a big THANKS to Steve and Ginger Orsini for taking charge and putting all this together!!
So come to the club tonight for $5 night and volunteer recognition....a well deserved R & R.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer...and SO much going on!!!!

Whidbey Race Week is underway and many of our sailors are spending the week in Oak Harbor.
The summer weather has the cruisers out...the Marina is bustling!

Tomorrow night the 20th, the Friday night social will feature $5 burgers as we'll have guests from the BLUE GAVEL (Association of past Commodores) in town for their annual rendezvous. So come by and join in the hospitality and enjoy a burger!   There's also a free Summer Concert at Seafarer's Park.

Sunday the Lido's start arriving and next week the clubhouse and Seafarer's Park will be busy daily with the Lido Class Championships. Thursday night will feature a Salmon BBQ for the Lido competitors and the presentation of their Class Championship Awards. AYC members are welcome at $20/person...but must make reservations on line.

Next Wednesday there's the last race of the 'Wally's Tours' series and then Friday night is $5 night with a GREAT menu planned by the Barrys' and Wendy Gray and that day (the 27th) the Victoria Inner Harbour Cruise headed by Phil and Madelyn Case leaves.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ocean Racing News

Only July 7th the biennial 2012 edition of the Vic Maui Race started. Anacortes Yacht Club spectator boats Mike and Carol Hebert's "Fairweather" and the "Wild Rumpus" watched and waved as the fleet drifted across the line with only 2308 miles to go. Head Pirate Stephanie Schwenk is aboard a 40.7 Beneteau "Bravo Zulu". She will be back in time for Pirate Camp in August, keep those registrations coming. For all the Vic Maui news check out their website. You can goto the racetracker and watch the progress every two hours.

The mighty "ICON" left Anacortes Saturday night to catch the ebbtide on their way to the start of the Pac Cup which starts in San Francisco in about 10 days. They will have multiple tracking devices and they will be updating their website daily (www.iconsailing.com)

Sunshine, wind and ocean sailing, I'm jealous!


Friday, June 29, 2012


Here's to a Happy, Sane, Fun Fourth to all...and may summer arrive!
Tonight, Friday the 29th is Open Bar and Socializing, with a New Member Orientation by Markay at 1800.
The evening of the 4th there's a Fun Race and Raft-Up for the Anacortes Fireworks and the 'Independence Cruise' to Fisherman's Bay, Ganges, Prevost and Blind Bay....led by the Chowanec's. Sign up via the website.
We're heading out cruising....kids, grandkids, summer fun! Hope to see you out there!!

Monday, June 18, 2012


While the girls were 'getting out the boat' and the singlehanders were doing their thing, some hardy cruisers followed Bob & Myra's SEA BIRD to Eagle Harbor for a quintessential Pacific NW Cruising experience....the rain was a warm rain, the hiking was wet, the food was wonderful, the boxed wine flowed but the camaraderie was outstanding.  Bawden's CARAMBA, Nute's EXCAPE, Johnson's LADY JANE, Mac & Wendy's PANGAEA all joined SEA BIRD for a foggy, damp but fun weekend.  As it's solstice week, let summer begin, please!!
This week's Wednesday Night race is Otterstedt III and Friday night is $5 night...Bernie Bell, Beth Bell (no relation, just great belle's!), and Anita Nute plan a stellar offering featuring chicken.  Don't miss it!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

From all the ladies on Saturday to the testosterone filled competition on Sunday. A perfect 10 vessels braved the windswept waters of Padilla Bay. The annual Singlehanded Race got underway off the tanker dock @ 1230. Destination R4 buoy just off Jack Island and return. Winds South 12-15 building to 15-20 by the finish. The Rumpus broke out all the laundry and set the spinnaker to surge to an ill fated early lead. Cat Sass headed for Saddlebag and just did a horizon job. The fleet pretty well split between who wanted to go wide and follow Commisioner Rubin and those that followed the hapless Captain Midnight completely parked in the grisly gap between Huckleberry and Guemes. Celebration somehow slipped through on a God given puff and pursued Cat Sass over the horizon. The good doctor on Little Annie was fourth around the first mark just behind the new guy on the Bayliner. Everyone enjoyed a personal puff or two on the reach home and the Hassenfeffers went to rabbit mode and passed a bunch of boats. Our calculating scorer played the middle road and held on for the fourth just off the podium. Celebration with his crew of young pirate lasses never looked back and won, again. Dean brought the Bayliner home with a deck littered with broken hardware, and da Rumpus played the second half of slow and stop racing team with the third. Who dat Syndicat? Yes Jerry was out celebrating Father's Day five times over (at least) and according to the software if a Catalina 27 rated 476 he would have won. See y'all Wednesday!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ladies First

The dawn broke grey and menacing across the normally tranquil waters of Padilla Bay. In a dance of the lead bellied money guzzlers two of Anacortes finest ocean racing thoroughbreds joined in the fray. Syndicat helmed by the lovely and precocious Kim Kelley was joined by the recently betrothed Jordan Beemer aboard the Surfin Bird. Sails were hoisted and sheeted home. The waters churned and winches sang their lonely cry, or was it wenches? In any case the bows were pointed to that windswept rock known as Huckleberry Island and the AYC 2012 Get Out the Boat Womens Regatta was commenced. Surfin Bird hoisted their kite that appears to honor all individuals and their lifestyles and surged to an early lead. The Syndicat proceeded at a leisurely pace careful not to spill Walt's cocktail. On the approach to the island Syndicat slipped into the gap and the fur started to fly. Surfin Bird chose a counterclockwisecircumnavigation Syndicat the opposite. As the race reached it's climax Syndicat came from the rear to the fore and held on to snatch victory from certain defeat. Congratulations to all competitors and especially to Captain Kim and crew. The awards ceremony at AYC was memorable at least for the trophy princess dude, he abides.
In other news: Singlehanded Regatta skippers meeting Sunday at 11am at good 'ol AYC, use of both hands encouraged....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman

This weekend, June 16th and 17th AYC features a doubleheader. Saturday is the annual Get Out the Boat Girls, womens regatta. Skippers meeting @ 11am at the club. One male is allowed on board but he can't do anything. Trophies are just to die for, for reals. Casual, fun atmosphere. You go girl!
Sunday features the annual Singlehanded Race, skippers meeting at 11am at the club. You can actually use both hands. A passenger is allowed but they can't do anything, not even hand you a delecious beverage from the cooler, ok that seems a little draconian, . Which prestidigitator will take home the hardware this year? Trophies to follow at the club both days following racing.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wild and Windy Windermere

The Anacortes Yacht Club's annual Gran Prix qualifier Windermere Regatta was sailed June 9th and 10th in the eel grass filled waters of  Fidalgo and Padilla Bay. The 34 boats which ranged in rating from -33 to just this side of 300 were split into 5 divisions. Four races were sailed Saturday and three races Sunday, windward /leeward once and twice around. Highlights of the weekend included karaoke Saturday night, delecious London broil with all the fixins, complimentary champagne for each boat as they motored in on Sunday, and really beautiful trophies in the form of coffee mugs and etched beer glasses. In division 5 the San Juan 24's welcomed the Santana 22 and Nonsuch but sailed away with the top 3 places nonetheless. Division 4 was the under 30', over 30 years old, over 5000lbs, except for the dueling Beneteau 265's. Syndicat had the most dominant performance of the regatta with a score of 8 followed by her sistership and the racer scorer Kyle Saum in third. Division 3 was the Santa Cruz 27's plus 3 interlopers. The J-30 Celebration put the smackdown on the OD boys and the always well sailed Hotfoot 27 Blackfoot slipped in for 3rd. In division 2 the new sportboats were schooled by the old school sportboats and  Dr. Tiny White schooled'em all in the Soling. In the maxi big boat class, division 1, the largest fleet with the largest boats the competition was as fierce as the bear on Teddy Bear's spinnaker. Five different boats won at least one race and in the end The Bad Boys on Extreme won on a tiebreaker. The Team Tequila on Vitesse held on for third. Next up in AYC trophy case is the Northern Century, the epic 100 miler starting with a cannon blast Friday August 24th. Check out all the details @ www.anacortesyachtclub.com



AYC's WINDERMERE 2012 is in the books...and another weekend and event for us to be very proud of!!   30+ boats, 5 fleets, 7+races each....WOW!   To see all the sailors, competing, socializing, laughing, eating, raving about the event and just having a great time was absolutely wonderful.   KUDOS to SO many...just naming s few principals...Andy and Steph Schwenk as Race Chair, Chuck Tidrington and his cast of dozens as 'on the water PRO', Scott Reed and his entourage cooking, Sean Kelly and Jan Chapman and the battalion of bartenders they mobiized, and so many more..thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!
And this week, Wednesday night race and then a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING Friday night to discuss CLUB HOUSE EXPANSION, then cruise to Cypress with Bob and Myra on Saturday!!!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

California Dreamin

Steph and Andy Schwenk trailered their Santa Cruz 27 to the land of sunshine for the annual Delta Ditch Run. This race goes from Richmond Ca to Stockton Ca up theSan Joaquin River Valley. The typical winds blow Easterly as the central valley heats up it draws the cool ocean air upriver at 20-30 kts just like the Columbia River Gorge. This year it was 103 in Stockton and 67 in Richmond and the locals claim the temperature difference equals the wind speed. The race course is 65miles similar to the Juan de Fuca Race @ Swiftsure except that the first monohull was done in less than 6 hours. Andy was the road warrior leaving Thursday at noon, meeting a customer at Shilshole, picking up a spar in Watsonville, launching the Rumpus at Richmond, dropping the trailer at Stockton and picking up Steph at the Sacramento airport Friday at 11pm. The buses leave Stockton at 6am to deliver the sailors to Richmond for a 1030 start. The start is just under the Bay Bridge near The Brothers and the big boats set their kites and soon were over the horizon in 20-25 knot puffy spinnaker rides. We started with the Moore 24's and 8 other Sc-27's and battled for clear air for the first hour as we passed under the Carquinez bridge. The boat speed stayed steady around 10 kts with surges into the teens. Warm fresh water and sunshine kept the sunscreen in high demand and the fresh water bottles did not last long as we drank and squirted them to keep it cool. The multihulls soon blazed past to finish less than 4 hours later. There are several twisty turns and  the carnage can be viewed at norcalsailing, presure-drop and sailing anarchy. 5 rigs came down, several boats went aground, sails were shredded, and 7 MOB's. Everyone ended up safe and the party at Stockton was memorable though I have a suspicion some patrons were over served.We finally switched to the chicken kite, a small heavy spinnaker and kinda took the foot off the pedal after it was obvious the Moores, Expresses and especially the Wabbits plane out sooner than we do and we had a healthy lead on the other Sc-27's. Not to mention the repair bill even for a rig shop owner was going up fast, those carbon poles are kinda spendy.....Former AYC member Steve Kleinbart was our MVP crew person and AYC member Tom Gilbert sailed to second place aboard an Etchells. Hopefully Windermere will be a little gentler on the fuel bill and rigging.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crown dem Kings

Kevin Welch and the crew on his Perry 66 ICON blew away the competition in the annual Swiftsure Regatta last weekend sailed out of Victoria, BC.

This 138 mile race travels to Swiftsure Bank located just offshore of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and ICON completed the course in 18 hours! She achieved the trifecta, 1st to finish, first in class and first overall, by over hour. ICON was traveling in excess of 20kts on her way home under a full pres of canvas as the fleet took a beating.

Maydays were recorded for boats aground, man overboard, broken masts, broaches and many torn sails. Fortunately everyone eventually made it home safe, the Canadian Coast Guard is to be commended.

Last years winner AYC members Doug Fryer was third in their class and  Pat, Keith and crew were first to finish in the inshore race aboard Cat Sass. Checkout www.2012swiftsure.org for full results.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Windermere is Near!

The Big Daddy of the AYC regattas is the Gran Prix qualifier Windermere  Regatta June 9-10. This regatta features buoy racing, karaoke and legendary AYC hospitality. Moorage 75% off, complimentary champagne after racing Sunday, camping at the marina, clean heads and showers(don't forget quarters!). Each class winner qualifies for the Seattle Yacht Club invitational Gran Prix Regatta in October each fall. Racers from Victoria, Vancouver, Bellingham, the San Juans, Oak Harbor and even competitors from as far as Olympia on their way home from Swiftsure are known to appear. Sign up now to make it easy on the organizers.The following weekend is Saturday Womens Regatta and Sunday singlehanded race if you are interested in a Two'fer. In other news:
Steph and Andy Schwenk will stage the battle royale @ Swiftsure this year as Andy steps aboard last years winning ride, Doug Fryers Night Runner, on the other tack will be Stephanie on board Bravo Zulu the Beneteau 40.7 she plans to race in the Vic Maui this summer, they will compete in the long course against Kevin Welch and the star studded crew of ICON.
Birthday Boy John Sanford rallied from a dip in the drink last week to place second aboard his own Juan Pequeno this week. Emoyeni scored the first PMS (it's not what ya think) of the season. People are starting to talk on the dock wondering where the Maher's yacht is hidden. Capt. Dr. Gunn is tenaciously holding on to a 1`point lead headed into the final race of the Corinthian Series. B fleet has a 3 way tie for third. If you see Ian and Joy at the bar buy them a drink and thank them for handling RC duties in a tricky first series of the year. Did I mention it's time to surf on over to the Windermere site and get signed up!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Another beautiful weekend and the boats are out...and lots of activity at AYC.    Friday night's General Meeting (with 70+ in attendance) was highlighted by an absolutely spellbinding program by Mark Schrader....a fascinating synopsis of his OCEANWATCH circumnavigation of the Americas in 2010.
And then yesterday was our longest distance race of the Tri-Straits Series...Hein Bank (& only CAT SASS made it back in time to complete the course).   But 14 boats enjoyed sun and the challenge of zephyr winds and big ebb tides.
Coming up are Wednesday night Races & food, Garrison Bay Cruise (Memorial weekend), Waterfront Festival (June 2-3), Windermere Regatta (June 9-10) and Gen'l Meeting devoted to Clubhouse expansion (June 15).
And PLEASE, bartenders are needed for all, boats are needed for free rides for Waterfront Festival and volunteers are always needed!!!!
Watch the website and stay tuned and involved.....lots of fun in store!!!!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Wednesday Night Highlights

21intrepid captains and their crews challenged the wind and elements for an evening of derring do. Well maybe not so much in the wind category but it did blow from two completely different directions so that makes it a little tricky. Results are posted but of course they don't tell the whole story. Chef Jerry proved that after raising five kids he can flip burgers with the best of them. Junior member Gabe Hill was the highlight of the dessert cart by providing locally produced Lopez Island Creamery ice cream for the entire club. Gabe says they plan to start a tradition so please support these fine sponsors and eat lots of that delicious stuff! MarKay Neumann and Mr. Jewett held down the bar and Ian and Joy covered RC duty. D fleet is open to any boat that shows proof of insurance and wants to come out and see what this wackiness is all about.
In other news: Passepartout departs at 9am this morning to go to Astoria for the Oregon Offshore race with AYC members Andy Schwenk and Jerry Vanderveen aboard. Surfin Bird, Wild Rumpus and the mighty ICON travelled to Sattle last weekend for the Race to the Straits. Long story but Surfin Bird is likely the only boat to complete both days, standby for results.... Windermere registration should be open this week!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Legendary Beginning

The inaugural OhBarf (Orcas Oakharbor Bellingham and Anacortes Racing Federation)Regatta, an organization to build unity between Oak Harbor, Orcas, San Juan Island Anacortes, and Bellingham Yacht Clubs, sailed the OIYC Spring Regatta last weekend. One boat from each fleet except Oak Harbor were represented. Three races were sailed Saturday upon the waters of West Sound.  The sun was out and the wind shifted to all quarters at one time or another in fact in one race there were no leeward marks...Action was tight at the start with the good doctor spinning circles and the Red Eye Express found PMS (premature start) for those scoring at home. The fleet was split in two for scoring but started as one. Orcas won both big Ptolemy and little Cray Dr Guru White. 2nd for big went to Buckle Up outa Bellingham and second little Wild Rumpus sailing for the scarlet letter yacht club. 3rd big to Sabra from SJIYC and third little to Ziggy and the Foam followers from Orcas. The OIYC clubhouse hosted not only scrumptious BBQ but also nautical trivia. What was the name of the designer of Australia II that won the Americas Cup? What was his original name? What was the losing American boat named? What was to be placed at NYYC as a result? On and on it went from Uffa Fox to Buddy Melges to Paul Elvstrom to Dorade to Dragons to Lasers to kicking straps to hash browns....Wonderful times OHbarf travels to Windermere next then  PITCH.
In other news AYC split North and South again with Cat Sass traveling to the International Regatta in Blaine and ICON and the Iconians in Seattle for the Smith Island Race. Meanwhile the Commodore and the missus traveled internationally to the CFSA opening day in Esquimalt.
Join the fun this Wednesday at 1830 as we kick off our evening series,questions???? To get on a boat or help out Call Andy Schwenk 360 770 7035

Sunday, April 22, 2012

GREAT weekend at SUCIA!!!

Those of you who didn't come...you missed a wonderful one!!!   Kudos to Warren Walz and Cruise Chair Bill Chowanec for this weekend's Sucia Race-Cruise....23 boats, 60+ of your fellow members, GREAT hors d'oeuvres, more steaks than you've ever seen, wine, wonderful conversation, good weather and a great race up on Saturday (PANGAEA won!). Don't miss the next one...Garrison Bay Memorial Day weekend....and in the interim, $5 night this Friday the 27th and then we're into May....Wednesday night Races, Gen'l Meeting with Mark Schrader, etc!!!!!   So again, those of you who missed this weekend, don't make the same mistake again!! This is what your Club's about!!!

AYC North and South

Northern News Report:
Where are all those Ugly Hawiian Shirts coming from? In a fleet of 24 racers and cruisers that invaded Sucia last weekend Steve Dubnoff carried away a chocolatey victory, even over a former champion, and a stuffed entrant with a wardobe malfunction. The ever growing jigsaw puzzle of rafted boats at the dock ranged from 18' to at least 100'. (That's what my crew thought!) Coffee was shared in the morning after a terrific night of potluck BBQ, cribbage, wifi TV, marshmallows, and some wine. At the start of Saturdays race the competitiors decided to motor North to the windline and Rough n Ready skippered by California Chris and Sheila fired off the starting guns somewhere off Jack Island. According to inside sources in the revised results The Commodore and the missus carried the day with a new paint job and old sails. The Wild Rumpus with the most Pop Tarts on board ever carried at sea was second. Passepartout slipped in for third, The Walt and Jerry show Syndicat 4th and the Family Affair Emoyine 5th. Three cheers for cruise chair Capt. Chowanec!

Southern News Report:
Kevin Welch and Ian Sloan took their training dinghy for ICON, the Melges 24 Mikey, to the CYC Puget Sound Spring Regatta (PSSR) and after the smoke cleared; 12 races over two days in a star studded fleet of 15 boats they came back with the first place pickle dish. To come out of the rainy season and start out with a win is commendable. The entire crew has been training and cross training and have their sights set on the Worlds next year in San Frncisco.

Wednesday night at 6pm at AYC there is a get together for everybody interested in the Wednesday night racing program. We need Race Commitee volunteers, help in the kitchen, bartenders and of course skippers and crew. We will have sign up sheets for skippers looking for crew and vice versa, or bring your own. Bring a neighbor or a friend or friend that is a neighbor! Come on down and have a glass of cheer and find out what it is all about!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

OOHBARF begins!

Recently representatives from Anacortes, Bellingham, Orcas and Oak Harbor Yacht Clubs met at the Brown Lantern to discuss how we can promote sailing in the Northern Salish Sea. As a result of this OOHBARF was born to represent the aforementioned clubs. The first race in this championship series is April 28/9 in West Sound. Goto www.oiyc.org for all the details. OIYC is a terrific club. The NOR has 20.00 entry and 15.00 dinner. Sailing in West Sound is a blast and we need at least 3 AYC boats to form a team. Windermere is the second race and PITCH is the third in this interclub Admirals Cup type format. Come join the fun and be able to brag you were there when it all started!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Absolutely WONDERFUL CLUB we have!!!!

It says on our Facebook Forum..BGDYCITWWW!!!...and we are!   This weekend's Tulip Regatta was as close to a perfect event as anyone could imagine, so I sat down tonight to thank people who made it so. I started with page 1 of the roster and on every page, from Abelman to Wood was someone who contributed as a volunteer...food prep, club cleaning, ordering, window washing, bar tending, cooking, race management on and off the water, scoring, chairs & tables in and out, etc, etc.  I swear at least one third and perhaps one half of our members were involved....44 boats from all over, 6 classes, 6 races, 190+ people fed Saturday night (superb salmon!!).  So it's impossible to name everyone, but you, and most of us, know who are and we REALLY appreciate all you did!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!   Weekends like this are what a Yacht Club should be about.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Field glasses, long eyes, coke bottle bottoms

Heck you know what I mean! Grab your binoculars or your spyglass and a few snacks and head to the top of Cap Sante. The bay is going to be filthy with ragbaggers competing in the Tulip Cup. If you're fortunate enough to still be a yacht owner in this economy grab your neighbor and take them for a 3 hour tour. While on the water get to leeward several boat lengths from a leeward mark or to weather several boat lengths from the weather mark, make way for the photo boat! Cheer on your AYC favorites! 2477 in the multihulls is Ian and Joy hanging from wires. The triple deuce 222 is Tom Stockton in your favorite dessert. The newlyweds Eric and Jordan still jetlagged from their honeymoon are in 171. Colin Emsley all the way from Sandpoint by way of Torquay but still a hometown boy is on the stick of 159. The Handyboys will be looking to take out Jerry and his harem aboard SIN d cat. Make some noise out there, we need a twelfth man, let's not let those pirates from Bellingham empty our trophy case. The racing starts at ten and goes all day, if you gotta mow your lawn and demoss the roof come on down to the club for a glass of racer red this evening. On Sunday there will be an auction after the awards ceremony for the Jennifer Bowman original currently on top of the barback.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Drifter or Windseeker

Southern Straits regatta held on Good Friday each year seems to have a split personality of late. In 2010 it blew so hard one boat was sunk and the race was cancelled, the last two years have been a true test of light air sailing skills and patience. Each year the band and the Easter bunny show up underneath the Lion's Gate bridge, they serve up some pancakes and the fleet gets a rousing send off. For the second year in a row Kevin Welch skippered Icon to a first to finish. They are off to an excellent start on their quest to win the Pac Cup in July.This year the wind filled in behind them and they corrected to third overall. You can goto www.southerstraits.ca to check out their track. Very tricky sailing with many sail changes due to fickle localized breezes and ever changing significant currents. In the world of yellow boats the Wild Rumpus failed to complete the course for the third year in a row.....ughhhh. Stephanie Schwenk sailing aboard Bravo Zulu held on for 2nd in div, 6th overall.
In other news the permanent marks have been replaced and refurbished. 29 Tulip Cup entrants so far. (Plus you know Blackfoot will be there) Special racer meeting Wednesday April 18th @ club at 6pm. Please come down to club and learn how to operate chase boat, light BBQ, do RC duty, and the like, you don't need an invitation or even a boat we will hook you up. On April 25th we will an open house for new racers and skippers looking for crew so schedule your haircut now.

Monday, April 02, 2012

On the Waterfront

April Fools has come and gone along with the new brewery in Anacortes...Pangaea is sporting a new coat of paint fitting for her Captain's role as Commodore. The Hassenfefferers have taken the B265 challenge to a whole new level trading a beard of mussels on the bulb of their keel for a slick new antifouling coating. Five time Yacht o' the Year Syndicat spent several weeks in a local dairy barn getting fitted with new windows, err portlights. Celebration kept sanding, and still is in the process for that elusive ultimate bottom job. The boat voted most likely to become the next AYC member Barrel of Monkeys owned by Scott Ellis spent a gorgeous Sunday erecting her rig and chasing away cobwebs. The Son of Raven racing team is rigged up for action after a rough FW race. Emoyeni will be testing a new rating to match her new propellor. Puleluhua is back from a South Seas curise and will likely be mixing it up in A fleet. The Heron is no longer the new guy and will be replaced by a certain new new guy and his lovely wife sailing a Pearson Ensign that reportedly may have a PHRF rating in 4 digits. If you have not already; get PHRF renewed, purchase your race packet, sign up for Tulip Regatta and get set for a terrific year of sailing @ AYC!!!
In other news permanent marks will be refurbished April 5th, missing ones will be replaced and a few may be moved to better locations.
The Big Blue Show (Icon and the Iconians skippered by Kevin Welch) will lead the way to the 44th Annual Southern Straits Regatta (www.southernstraits.ca) Andy Schwenk will skipper Wild Rumpus in the short course doublehanded division , Stephanie Schwenk will sail aboard her Vic Maui ride Bravo Zulu. You can follow along on the race tracker, each boat carries a transponder for this regatta that starts Good Friday.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kiss the Tulip Princess

The princess would likely be a queen by now but those that remember those days are looking forward to the annual Tulip Regatta. The fun starts Friday night April 13 and goes through to the trophy presentation on Sunday. As always Walt Meagher has signed up sponsors for raffles and giveaways. Now here is the catch...... Sign up now!!!! We need cruising boats to challenge the pirates aboard Jah Mon, 5 boats equals a class. We need to know how many dinners and T-shirts and of course how much Miller Lite and RUM to purchase. By signing up now, right here on this website, we can make the efforts of the volunteers that make all this happen much easier. Call your crew, call a friend, post on Facebook, wave a sign on Commercial, let's make this the best Tulip Cup ever!!!! Maybe the Tulip Princess will appear!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smith Island or Bust!!!!

10 boats arrived at the tanker dock start line for their voyage to that non-windswept rock, that sentinel of the straits, Smith Island. Pulelehua led off the start with birthday boy Bill Bowman in hot pursuit. In a surprisingly shifty wind Night Runner and Handyman swapped a few tacks then the wind filled in and the boats started a surprisingly windy starboard tack beam reach out Guemes Channel. With an out going tide VMG was over 10kts as boats cleared Shannon Point and poked into Rosario Strait. Kymodoce set her massive kite and headed South and soon all boats sprouted colorful sails and en joyed the run. Emoyeni split off to the East and when the wind lightened about 4 miles North of Smith she dang near took the overall lead. Others headed West looking for wind in fact Handyman appeared to be headed for the first round at Herb's. Pulelehua and Kinetic Ki were still neck and neck and Syndicat was running low on rum. The wind got lighter and lighter and the drifters and 1/2 oz kites were broken out for the first time this season. The rabbit stewers had some hare brained plan to pull an end around the kelp and the gunners on Little Annie were keeping the pressure on. Under intense pressure the RC chair decided to call a short course, once you were South of Smith and the two radio towers lined up you were through. Thanks so much to our Illustrious rear Commodore and Dick Redmond for opening up the bar, we even had guests from as far as Seattle YC! Now if you're reading this and don't own a boat, like Ed Kennedy for example, get down to the boat show @ Cap Sante and buy yourself a boat at the boat show before they run out!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tulip Cruisin!

Count Enrico Ferarri aka Eric Sorenson aka head bottlewasher and skipper of the Catalina 42 "Jah Mon" has a terrific Tulip Regatta plan. Eric has a plan to set up a cruising division for boats that race with anchors on the bow, solar panels on the stern and ice makers and microwaves in between. Any division that brings 5 boats qualifies for trophies. Check out the forum for all the details or contact Eric or just show up Friday night, April 13th, at the club at 1800 for a quickie informational and planning meeting.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shamrock Sailin Wrap Up!

The Luck of the Irish was at AYC this weekend for a terrific St. Paddy's Day Bash. It all started with a race around a green buoy of course. Winds were SW 7 at the start and everyone got off clean led by Spencer Osborne at the helm of Windwalker. The two 27' Syndicat and Wild Rumpus Paddy set spinnakers and dueled all the way to the mark rounding within a boat length of each other. Ruach was able to find the keys to the starter and get off on time. The good MD went singlehanded on Little Annie. The lone multihull showed up fashionably late but wasn't behind for long, get an alarm clock Bill! Tiramisu was in the mix and I think that green beer is causing me to forget a few others....
Sean was able to file enough extensions to assist his first mate Jan hold down bar duties, there were several new faces and the Commodore and the missus made an appearance.
Jamie Riggs and her crew of Leprechuans brought awards and ice cream for the entire crowd and all kinds of mayhem and skullduggery ensued.
AYC was the place to be and I have a feeling a new tradition has begun!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Annual St. Paddys Day Fun @ AYC

Hey y'all come out this Sat @ noon and sail 'Round the Blarney Stone, actually Huckleberry Island and don't forget the buoy just to the North....For all the details click on the events registration bar and come on down! 10.00 per boat, 2.00 per leprachaun, are you kiddin me?
In other news AYC members Jerry Vanderveen, Andy and Stephanie Schwenk along with some Bellingham and Orcas sailors invaded the Richmond Yacht Club in SF for a weekend of sailing in their "Big Daddy Regatta" with an escape from Alcatraz theme. Washington State patrol officer Bart Maupin and his merry band of miscreants were easy to spot each with their prison garb orange overalls and the officer in his reflecto shades. They returned with a second place pickledish and lots of damp gear!
AYC member Doug Fryer's NightRunner is the poster boat after the victory @ Swiftsure last year. AYC boats always do well at this regatta and Kevin Welch's Icon will be out for line honors again before they slide to Hawaii in the Pac Cup in July.
Andy Schwenk and Scott Lindberg are heading up the on the water activities at the Tulip Regatta this year. F-18's, Sc-27's, and San Juan 24's are bringing OD classes. PHRF div's will be tight and Walt Meagher has lined up a banner list of sponsors. Trident has donated salmon and the video is always killer so come out Saturday night for dinner, music, and all the fun!
"Enjoy yourself it's later than you think." (Carved over the entry @ RYC)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012


  • General Meeting....Friday March 9th...Enchilada dinner, membership meeting and program featuring our own Doug Fryer with "Tales of and from NIGHTRUNNER". Register on line as it's a catered meal....a great evening!!!
  • Social evening & bar open....Friday March 16th....again starting about 1730! Always a good time!
  • And then on Saturday March 17th...St Patrick's Day...the First Annual AYC SHAMROCK FAMILY & FRIENDS FUN DAY!!!! Check the calendar (and your email) for details. Thank you Jamie Riggs and Michael Strauss!!
The High School Sailing season is underway and they've their own website...it's wonderful!!!
Check it out at: http://anacortessailingteam.wordpress.com/

Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 Foul Weather Race Update

Anacortes Yacht Club hosted the Girts Rekevics Memorial Foul Weather Race/ Cruise on Feb 25th, also for the 2nd year in a row a fleet of Canadian sailors from RVicYC, Sydney/North Saanich and TurkeyHead YC were in attendance. 

The race started in a building Westerly off the tanker docks in Anacortes, destined to finish in Friday harbor 18 miles later. It was  a port beam reach to the start and fortunately nobody was brave enough to risk a dip start on Starboard and support the local boatyards. The Canadians were racing for the Stanley Cup, a Stanley thermos left unattended two years ago by a certain local female skipper... "you can have it back, but you have to beat us to Friday Harbor if you want it!"  The Redline, a J120 with Paddy Guy at the wheel, showed her transom to the fleet and relished the heavy going as the fleet entered Rosario Strait to sail into an insurmountable lead. 

The two Tri's, Kinetic Ki and Son of Raven, dueled off the start and out the Guemes Channel until the Ravens jammed a halyard and the Bowman Boys on KK found another gear to get an early lead. In the Sc-27 fleet Wild Rumpus and the little man on Giant Slayer swapped from genoas to blades as the other yellow boat Ol Yeller and the Norn gave chase. The predicted 35kt Westerly's never materialized but Rosario Strait served up a few salty reminders to wake crews that had enjoyed the Anacortes Yacht Club legendary hospitality till the burgee came down on Friday night. In the lead-belly money-guzzler fleet Passepartout (with the owner overseas) let it rip with the big sails and the expensive wine, along with a cockpit heating duct in a full enclosure to hold sway over Emoyeni, and Syndicat, which was featuring celebrity helmsperson Dr. Capt. Chris White. In the CC115 fleet Caliente tucked in a quick reef off the state ferry dock and was able to cover the hard charging Riot. Soon the fleet was struggling against the ebb pouring South out Thatcher Pass. The Beneteau 265's rolled out the headsails to full size and the good doctors aboard Little Annie slipped through ahead of the rabbit stew on Hassenpfeffer. The wind angle freed up on the way to Upright Head and spinnakers could have been set, if only for a moment... 

In the Canadian fast boat fleet Tracks and Wildfire opted for the more conservative hot chocolate or hot something, like feet! It was a beat to the finish up Upright Channel and across San Juan Channel to Herb's Tavern and a delicious awards ceremony dinner hosted by Downriggers. Arogonauta the only true cruising vessel in the race and the most beautiful Velica along with the tilt'n Hilton Soul Thyme hosted a bunch of sailors that had neglected essentials like heaters and snacks. 

This race is open to all sailors with a valid PHRF US or Canadian, so come join the fun next year and plan on taking home some hardware or at least a great sailing yarn...

Saturday, February 25, 2012


EVERYONE....the 2012 rosters are printed and are at the Clubhouse for distribution....please pick yours up whenever the club is open...e.g. Friday evenings!! We'd obviously like to avoid the cost of mailing, so come by, enjoy the company and help us out. THANKS to Linda Walz for her 'taking charge' of the roster and THANKS to Bill Bowman, the Priers and the Neuman's for soliciting the many advertisements....support our supporters!!!
The FOUL WEATHER RACE/CRUISE is underway, and looks like it'll fulfill it's title!!! And some of you missed a great meal at last night's 5 BUCK NIGHT. KUDOS to Scott and Donna Reed and helpers!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Another busy week....something for everyone!!
  • Tuesday the 21st: DINGHY DOCKS....anyone interested in the fate, future, use, repair, modifications, etc, of the dinghy dock please meet there ('Q dock') at 1630. Your input is needed and appreciated!!!
  • Also Tuesday the 21st @1830 is the AYC BOARD MEETING at the Clubhouse. All are welcome!!
  • Friday the 24th: $5 BUCK NIGHT, a homemade meat, tomato, pasta meal with salad & chocolate dessert by Scott & Donna Reed starting at 1730. Expect a large gathering as:
  • Saturday/Sunday the 25th & 26th: GIRTS REKEVICS FOUL WEATHER RACE/CRUISE to Friday Harbor. Start is 0900 (or thereabouts), cruise or race to Friday Harbor and then festivities at the Downrigger! 20+ boats so far!!!! Register online at our website...right here!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

UPCOMING @ your AYC!!!

February 17th, Friday night SOCIALIZING. Bar opens at 1730 and by then the conversations are well underway...JOIN US!!
February 21st....Anyone interested in the DINGHY DOCK projects, join us on 'Q' dock at 1630 as we hope to finalize our plans. Then at 1830 is the monthly AYC BOARD MEETING and any and all are welcome!
February 24th is $5 BUCK DINNER night a la Scott and Donna Reed...will, as always, be special and especially so as we'll have lots of guests here for the GIRTS REKEVICS FOUL WEATHER RACE starting the next morning!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

BE a PART OF IT...LIDO 14 National Championships

To ALL members...We (AYC & Anacortes)are hosting the Lido 14 National Championships JULY 22-27. This is our first foray into holding an event of this stature here....up to 50 boats with their crews and support. We need lots of volunteer help both on the water and ashore with logistics, organizing, publicity, housing, food, etc, etc. If interested, and we all should be, please come to the Clubhouse Monday, 13 February at 6:30. Vice Commodore Steve Orsini, who is Chair of this event is having an organizational meeting to get things rolling!!!! Thanks!!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

WONDERFUL PROGRAM for the Gen'l Mtg...FEB 10th

Don't miss the Gen'l Mtg Friday night. The program is Rod Kulbach, author of 'BAJA DREAMING, Stories from Another Time'. Rod lives in Friday Harbor and his book is to Baja and the Sea of Cortez what 'Curve of Time' is to the BC Coast....a must read for anyone who's been there or plans on going. It's a catered dinner, chicken fettucini...Wonderful!! Please register online thru the website so we have numbers and then pay at the door....$12/
See you all there....bar opens at 1730!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's go Sailing!

The annual Girts Rekevics Foulweather Race/Cruise is set for February 25th. The Canadians will be back to compete for the the Stanley's Cup, let's give them a warm welcome Friday night. We will have a finish line boat in Friday Harbor. (Thanks Chris and Sheila Maher) Cruisers are welcome, please register so we will know how many scrumptious meals to order @ Downriggers. Start is moved to the tanker dock this year. This race is scored as a fleet, no class breaks. PIYA cat.III for all AYC races, Cat II is strongly recommended for distance races. This is your first chance to put the smack down on the four time AYC Yacht of the Year Syndicat.
SPECIAL NOTES: Please apply or renew your PHRF cert now, goto phrf-nw.org for all the details. The Shaw Island Winter Classic is set for Sunday Feb.19 goto oiyc.org for all the details. AYC race packet will be published this week.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Thank you ALL for a marvelous COMMODORE'S BALL...and special thanks to Gunn's and Stockton's for bartending, and to Hemme's for the slide show, and to all those who helped convert from a Farmer's Maarket to a Ball, and to all those who stayed and helped us clear out...THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! And now let's get on with another great year at AYC.
Board meeting Tuesday night, 17 Jan @ 1830.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Commodore's Ball & VOLUNTEERS

Just a gentle reminder....Commodore's Ball this Saturday...we must have a count to the caterer by Wednesday, so this is your last chance....register on line.

AND, looking beyond...way beyond!...AYC is hosting the Lido 14 National Championships July 22-27 and we're expecting 30 to 50 boats. Lots of help will be needed, INCLUDING some hosts for home stays for Lidos from afar. Put it on your calendars, and there'll be more details to follow.

Better Boating Series Free Seminar

Better Boating Series
Free Seminar for all recreational boaters!

Saturday, January 14, 2012
Skagit Valley College, Marine Technology Center
1606 R Avenue, Anacortes (just across from Thrive Fitness)

11:30a – 12:30p
H2Out™ Water Absorption Technology with Rich Pindell
Save money in maintenance costs and help prevent corrosion damage

1:30p to 2:30p
Marine Weather with Lee Chesneau
What you don’t know, what you think you know, what you need to know about marine weather

To register or to request additional information, please call 360.766.6282

Sponsored by
The Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology at Skagit Valley College

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 Race Packet Now Available...

For those of you that have been anxiously waiting the 2012 AYC Race Packet is now available -- you can get your very own copy HERE!

There are several small but important changes that we should point out:

  • All distance races start from the refinery dock
  • All distance races are PIYA Category III, although we recommend that all boats be equipped to Category II standards when participating
  • We have added a new distance race (Cypress-Sinclair-Guemes) which should prove both interesting and challenging

Also, on-line registration will be opening soon, plus if you notice any changes and discrepancies with the race packet or schedule please contact Andy Schwenk.