Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 Foul Weather Race Update

Anacortes Yacht Club hosted the Girts Rekevics Memorial Foul Weather Race/ Cruise on Feb 25th, also for the 2nd year in a row a fleet of Canadian sailors from RVicYC, Sydney/North Saanich and TurkeyHead YC were in attendance. 

The race started in a building Westerly off the tanker docks in Anacortes, destined to finish in Friday harbor 18 miles later. It was  a port beam reach to the start and fortunately nobody was brave enough to risk a dip start on Starboard and support the local boatyards. The Canadians were racing for the Stanley Cup, a Stanley thermos left unattended two years ago by a certain local female skipper... "you can have it back, but you have to beat us to Friday Harbor if you want it!"  The Redline, a J120 with Paddy Guy at the wheel, showed her transom to the fleet and relished the heavy going as the fleet entered Rosario Strait to sail into an insurmountable lead. 

The two Tri's, Kinetic Ki and Son of Raven, dueled off the start and out the Guemes Channel until the Ravens jammed a halyard and the Bowman Boys on KK found another gear to get an early lead. In the Sc-27 fleet Wild Rumpus and the little man on Giant Slayer swapped from genoas to blades as the other yellow boat Ol Yeller and the Norn gave chase. The predicted 35kt Westerly's never materialized but Rosario Strait served up a few salty reminders to wake crews that had enjoyed the Anacortes Yacht Club legendary hospitality till the burgee came down on Friday night. In the lead-belly money-guzzler fleet Passepartout (with the owner overseas) let it rip with the big sails and the expensive wine, along with a cockpit heating duct in a full enclosure to hold sway over Emoyeni, and Syndicat, which was featuring celebrity helmsperson Dr. Capt. Chris White. In the CC115 fleet Caliente tucked in a quick reef off the state ferry dock and was able to cover the hard charging Riot. Soon the fleet was struggling against the ebb pouring South out Thatcher Pass. The Beneteau 265's rolled out the headsails to full size and the good doctors aboard Little Annie slipped through ahead of the rabbit stew on Hassenpfeffer. The wind angle freed up on the way to Upright Head and spinnakers could have been set, if only for a moment... 

In the Canadian fast boat fleet Tracks and Wildfire opted for the more conservative hot chocolate or hot something, like feet! It was a beat to the finish up Upright Channel and across San Juan Channel to Herb's Tavern and a delicious awards ceremony dinner hosted by Downriggers. Arogonauta the only true cruising vessel in the race and the most beautiful Velica along with the tilt'n Hilton Soul Thyme hosted a bunch of sailors that had neglected essentials like heaters and snacks. 

This race is open to all sailors with a valid PHRF US or Canadian, so come join the fun next year and plan on taking home some hardware or at least a great sailing yarn...

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