Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kiss the Tulip Princess

The princess would likely be a queen by now but those that remember those days are looking forward to the annual Tulip Regatta. The fun starts Friday night April 13 and goes through to the trophy presentation on Sunday. As always Walt Meagher has signed up sponsors for raffles and giveaways. Now here is the catch...... Sign up now!!!! We need cruising boats to challenge the pirates aboard Jah Mon, 5 boats equals a class. We need to know how many dinners and T-shirts and of course how much Miller Lite and RUM to purchase. By signing up now, right here on this website, we can make the efforts of the volunteers that make all this happen much easier. Call your crew, call a friend, post on Facebook, wave a sign on Commercial, let's make this the best Tulip Cup ever!!!! Maybe the Tulip Princess will appear!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smith Island or Bust!!!!

10 boats arrived at the tanker dock start line for their voyage to that non-windswept rock, that sentinel of the straits, Smith Island. Pulelehua led off the start with birthday boy Bill Bowman in hot pursuit. In a surprisingly shifty wind Night Runner and Handyman swapped a few tacks then the wind filled in and the boats started a surprisingly windy starboard tack beam reach out Guemes Channel. With an out going tide VMG was over 10kts as boats cleared Shannon Point and poked into Rosario Strait. Kymodoce set her massive kite and headed South and soon all boats sprouted colorful sails and en joyed the run. Emoyeni split off to the East and when the wind lightened about 4 miles North of Smith she dang near took the overall lead. Others headed West looking for wind in fact Handyman appeared to be headed for the first round at Herb's. Pulelehua and Kinetic Ki were still neck and neck and Syndicat was running low on rum. The wind got lighter and lighter and the drifters and 1/2 oz kites were broken out for the first time this season. The rabbit stewers had some hare brained plan to pull an end around the kelp and the gunners on Little Annie were keeping the pressure on. Under intense pressure the RC chair decided to call a short course, once you were South of Smith and the two radio towers lined up you were through. Thanks so much to our Illustrious rear Commodore and Dick Redmond for opening up the bar, we even had guests from as far as Seattle YC! Now if you're reading this and don't own a boat, like Ed Kennedy for example, get down to the boat show @ Cap Sante and buy yourself a boat at the boat show before they run out!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tulip Cruisin!

Count Enrico Ferarri aka Eric Sorenson aka head bottlewasher and skipper of the Catalina 42 "Jah Mon" has a terrific Tulip Regatta plan. Eric has a plan to set up a cruising division for boats that race with anchors on the bow, solar panels on the stern and ice makers and microwaves in between. Any division that brings 5 boats qualifies for trophies. Check out the forum for all the details or contact Eric or just show up Friday night, April 13th, at the club at 1800 for a quickie informational and planning meeting.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shamrock Sailin Wrap Up!

The Luck of the Irish was at AYC this weekend for a terrific St. Paddy's Day Bash. It all started with a race around a green buoy of course. Winds were SW 7 at the start and everyone got off clean led by Spencer Osborne at the helm of Windwalker. The two 27' Syndicat and Wild Rumpus Paddy set spinnakers and dueled all the way to the mark rounding within a boat length of each other. Ruach was able to find the keys to the starter and get off on time. The good MD went singlehanded on Little Annie. The lone multihull showed up fashionably late but wasn't behind for long, get an alarm clock Bill! Tiramisu was in the mix and I think that green beer is causing me to forget a few others....
Sean was able to file enough extensions to assist his first mate Jan hold down bar duties, there were several new faces and the Commodore and the missus made an appearance.
Jamie Riggs and her crew of Leprechuans brought awards and ice cream for the entire crowd and all kinds of mayhem and skullduggery ensued.
AYC was the place to be and I have a feeling a new tradition has begun!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Annual St. Paddys Day Fun @ AYC

Hey y'all come out this Sat @ noon and sail 'Round the Blarney Stone, actually Huckleberry Island and don't forget the buoy just to the North....For all the details click on the events registration bar and come on down! 10.00 per boat, 2.00 per leprachaun, are you kiddin me?
In other news AYC members Jerry Vanderveen, Andy and Stephanie Schwenk along with some Bellingham and Orcas sailors invaded the Richmond Yacht Club in SF for a weekend of sailing in their "Big Daddy Regatta" with an escape from Alcatraz theme. Washington State patrol officer Bart Maupin and his merry band of miscreants were easy to spot each with their prison garb orange overalls and the officer in his reflecto shades. They returned with a second place pickledish and lots of damp gear!
AYC member Doug Fryer's NightRunner is the poster boat after the victory @ Swiftsure last year. AYC boats always do well at this regatta and Kevin Welch's Icon will be out for line honors again before they slide to Hawaii in the Pac Cup in July.
Andy Schwenk and Scott Lindberg are heading up the on the water activities at the Tulip Regatta this year. F-18's, Sc-27's, and San Juan 24's are bringing OD classes. PHRF div's will be tight and Walt Meagher has lined up a banner list of sponsors. Trident has donated salmon and the video is always killer so come out Saturday night for dinner, music, and all the fun!
"Enjoy yourself it's later than you think." (Carved over the entry @ RYC)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012


  • General Meeting....Friday March 9th...Enchilada dinner, membership meeting and program featuring our own Doug Fryer with "Tales of and from NIGHTRUNNER". Register on line as it's a catered meal....a great evening!!!
  • Social evening & bar open....Friday March 16th....again starting about 1730! Always a good time!
  • And then on Saturday March 17th...St Patrick's Day...the First Annual AYC SHAMROCK FAMILY & FRIENDS FUN DAY!!!! Check the calendar (and your email) for details. Thank you Jamie Riggs and Michael Strauss!!
The High School Sailing season is underway and they've their own website...it's wonderful!!!
Check it out at: http://anacortessailingteam.wordpress.com/