Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shamrock Sailin Wrap Up!

The Luck of the Irish was at AYC this weekend for a terrific St. Paddy's Day Bash. It all started with a race around a green buoy of course. Winds were SW 7 at the start and everyone got off clean led by Spencer Osborne at the helm of Windwalker. The two 27' Syndicat and Wild Rumpus Paddy set spinnakers and dueled all the way to the mark rounding within a boat length of each other. Ruach was able to find the keys to the starter and get off on time. The good MD went singlehanded on Little Annie. The lone multihull showed up fashionably late but wasn't behind for long, get an alarm clock Bill! Tiramisu was in the mix and I think that green beer is causing me to forget a few others....
Sean was able to file enough extensions to assist his first mate Jan hold down bar duties, there were several new faces and the Commodore and the missus made an appearance.
Jamie Riggs and her crew of Leprechuans brought awards and ice cream for the entire crowd and all kinds of mayhem and skullduggery ensued.
AYC was the place to be and I have a feeling a new tradition has begun!

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