Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smith Island or Bust!!!!

10 boats arrived at the tanker dock start line for their voyage to that non-windswept rock, that sentinel of the straits, Smith Island. Pulelehua led off the start with birthday boy Bill Bowman in hot pursuit. In a surprisingly shifty wind Night Runner and Handyman swapped a few tacks then the wind filled in and the boats started a surprisingly windy starboard tack beam reach out Guemes Channel. With an out going tide VMG was over 10kts as boats cleared Shannon Point and poked into Rosario Strait. Kymodoce set her massive kite and headed South and soon all boats sprouted colorful sails and en joyed the run. Emoyeni split off to the East and when the wind lightened about 4 miles North of Smith she dang near took the overall lead. Others headed West looking for wind in fact Handyman appeared to be headed for the first round at Herb's. Pulelehua and Kinetic Ki were still neck and neck and Syndicat was running low on rum. The wind got lighter and lighter and the drifters and 1/2 oz kites were broken out for the first time this season. The rabbit stewers had some hare brained plan to pull an end around the kelp and the gunners on Little Annie were keeping the pressure on. Under intense pressure the RC chair decided to call a short course, once you were South of Smith and the two radio towers lined up you were through. Thanks so much to our Illustrious rear Commodore and Dick Redmond for opening up the bar, we even had guests from as far as Seattle YC! Now if you're reading this and don't own a boat, like Ed Kennedy for example, get down to the boat show @ Cap Sante and buy yourself a boat at the boat show before they run out!!!!!!

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