Sunday, April 15, 2012

Absolutely WONDERFUL CLUB we have!!!!

It says on our Facebook Forum..BGDYCITWWW!!!...and we are!   This weekend's Tulip Regatta was as close to a perfect event as anyone could imagine, so I sat down tonight to thank people who made it so. I started with page 1 of the roster and on every page, from Abelman to Wood was someone who contributed as a prep, club cleaning, ordering, window washing, bar tending, cooking, race management on and off the water, scoring, chairs & tables in and out, etc, etc.  I swear at least one third and perhaps one half of our members were involved....44 boats from all over, 6 classes, 6 races, 190+ people fed Saturday night (superb salmon!!).  So it's impossible to name everyone, but you, and most of us, know who are and we REALLY appreciate all you did!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!   Weekends like this are what a Yacht Club should be about.