Saturday, April 14, 2012

Field glasses, long eyes, coke bottle bottoms

Heck you know what I mean! Grab your binoculars or your spyglass and a few snacks and head to the top of Cap Sante. The bay is going to be filthy with ragbaggers competing in the Tulip Cup. If you're fortunate enough to still be a yacht owner in this economy grab your neighbor and take them for a 3 hour tour. While on the water get to leeward several boat lengths from a leeward mark or to weather several boat lengths from the weather mark, make way for the photo boat! Cheer on your AYC favorites! 2477 in the multihulls is Ian and Joy hanging from wires. The triple deuce 222 is Tom Stockton in your favorite dessert. The newlyweds Eric and Jordan still jetlagged from their honeymoon are in 171. Colin Emsley all the way from Sandpoint by way of Torquay but still a hometown boy is on the stick of 159. The Handyboys will be looking to take out Jerry and his harem aboard SIN d cat. Make some noise out there, we need a twelfth man, let's not let those pirates from Bellingham empty our trophy case. The racing starts at ten and goes all day, if you gotta mow your lawn and demoss the roof come on down to the club for a glass of racer red this evening. On Sunday there will be an auction after the awards ceremony for the Jennifer Bowman original currently on top of the barback.

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