Monday, April 30, 2012

Legendary Beginning

The inaugural OhBarf (Orcas Oakharbor Bellingham and Anacortes Racing Federation)Regatta, an organization to build unity between Oak Harbor, Orcas, San Juan Island Anacortes, and Bellingham Yacht Clubs, sailed the OIYC Spring Regatta last weekend. One boat from each fleet except Oak Harbor were represented. Three races were sailed Saturday upon the waters of West Sound.  The sun was out and the wind shifted to all quarters at one time or another in fact in one race there were no leeward marks...Action was tight at the start with the good doctor spinning circles and the Red Eye Express found PMS (premature start) for those scoring at home. The fleet was split in two for scoring but started as one. Orcas won both big Ptolemy and little Cray Dr Guru White. 2nd for big went to Buckle Up outa Bellingham and second little Wild Rumpus sailing for the scarlet letter yacht club. 3rd big to Sabra from SJIYC and third little to Ziggy and the Foam followers from Orcas. The OIYC clubhouse hosted not only scrumptious BBQ but also nautical trivia. What was the name of the designer of Australia II that won the Americas Cup? What was his original name? What was the losing American boat named? What was to be placed at NYYC as a result? On and on it went from Uffa Fox to Buddy Melges to Paul Elvstrom to Dorade to Dragons to Lasers to kicking straps to hash browns....Wonderful times OHbarf travels to Windermere next then  PITCH.
In other news AYC split North and South again with Cat Sass traveling to the International Regatta in Blaine and ICON and the Iconians in Seattle for the Smith Island Race. Meanwhile the Commodore and the missus traveled internationally to the CFSA opening day in Esquimalt.
Join the fun this Wednesday at 1830 as we kick off our evening series,questions???? To get on a boat or help out Call Andy Schwenk 360 770 7035