Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crown dem Kings

Kevin Welch and the crew on his Perry 66 ICON blew away the competition in the annual Swiftsure Regatta last weekend sailed out of Victoria, BC.

This 138 mile race travels to Swiftsure Bank located just offshore of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and ICON completed the course in 18 hours! She achieved the trifecta, 1st to finish, first in class and first overall, by over hour. ICON was traveling in excess of 20kts on her way home under a full pres of canvas as the fleet took a beating.

Maydays were recorded for boats aground, man overboard, broken masts, broaches and many torn sails. Fortunately everyone eventually made it home safe, the Canadian Coast Guard is to be commended.

Last years winner AYC members Doug Fryer was third in their class and  Pat, Keith and crew were first to finish in the inshore race aboard Cat Sass. Checkout www.2012swiftsure.org for full results.