Friday, June 29, 2012


Here's to a Happy, Sane, Fun Fourth to all...and may summer arrive!
Tonight, Friday the 29th is Open Bar and Socializing, with a New Member Orientation by Markay at 1800.
The evening of the 4th there's a Fun Race and Raft-Up for the Anacortes Fireworks and the 'Independence Cruise' to Fisherman's Bay, Ganges, Prevost and Blind Bay....led by the Chowanec's. Sign up via the website.
We're heading out, grandkids, summer fun! Hope to see you out there!!

Monday, June 18, 2012


While the girls were 'getting out the boat' and the singlehanders were doing their thing, some hardy cruisers followed Bob & Myra's SEA BIRD to Eagle Harbor for a quintessential Pacific NW Cruising experience....the rain was a warm rain, the hiking was wet, the food was wonderful, the boxed wine flowed but the camaraderie was outstanding.  Bawden's CARAMBA, Nute's EXCAPE, Johnson's LADY JANE, Mac & Wendy's PANGAEA all joined SEA BIRD for a foggy, damp but fun weekend.  As it's solstice week, let summer begin, please!!
This week's Wednesday Night race is Otterstedt III and Friday night is $5 night...Bernie Bell, Beth Bell (no relation, just great belle's!), and Anita Nute plan a stellar offering featuring chicken.  Don't miss it!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

From all the ladies on Saturday to the testosterone filled competition on Sunday. A perfect 10 vessels braved the windswept waters of Padilla Bay. The annual Singlehanded Race got underway off the tanker dock @ 1230. Destination R4 buoy just off Jack Island and return. Winds South 12-15 building to 15-20 by the finish. The Rumpus broke out all the laundry and set the spinnaker to surge to an ill fated early lead. Cat Sass headed for Saddlebag and just did a horizon job. The fleet pretty well split between who wanted to go wide and follow Commisioner Rubin and those that followed the hapless Captain Midnight completely parked in the grisly gap between Huckleberry and Guemes. Celebration somehow slipped through on a God given puff and pursued Cat Sass over the horizon. The good doctor on Little Annie was fourth around the first mark just behind the new guy on the Bayliner. Everyone enjoyed a personal puff or two on the reach home and the Hassenfeffers went to rabbit mode and passed a bunch of boats. Our calculating scorer played the middle road and held on for the fourth just off the podium. Celebration with his crew of young pirate lasses never looked back and won, again. Dean brought the Bayliner home with a deck littered with broken hardware, and da Rumpus played the second half of slow and stop racing team with the third. Who dat Syndicat? Yes Jerry was out celebrating Father's Day five times over (at least) and according to the software if a Catalina 27 rated 476 he would have won. See y'all Wednesday!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ladies First

The dawn broke grey and menacing across the normally tranquil waters of Padilla Bay. In a dance of the lead bellied money guzzlers two of Anacortes finest ocean racing thoroughbreds joined in the fray. Syndicat helmed by the lovely and precocious Kim Kelley was joined by the recently betrothed Jordan Beemer aboard the Surfin Bird. Sails were hoisted and sheeted home. The waters churned and winches sang their lonely cry, or was it wenches? In any case the bows were pointed to that windswept rock known as Huckleberry Island and the AYC 2012 Get Out the Boat Womens Regatta was commenced. Surfin Bird hoisted their kite that appears to honor all individuals and their lifestyles and surged to an early lead. The Syndicat proceeded at a leisurely pace careful not to spill Walt's cocktail. On the approach to the island Syndicat slipped into the gap and the fur started to fly. Surfin Bird chose a counterclockwisecircumnavigation Syndicat the opposite. As the race reached it's climax Syndicat came from the rear to the fore and held on to snatch victory from certain defeat. Congratulations to all competitors and especially to Captain Kim and crew. The awards ceremony at AYC was memorable at least for the trophy princess dude, he abides.
In other news: Singlehanded Regatta skippers meeting Sunday at 11am at good 'ol AYC, use of both hands encouraged....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman

This weekend, June 16th and 17th AYC features a doubleheader. Saturday is the annual Get Out the Boat Girls, womens regatta. Skippers meeting @ 11am at the club. One male is allowed on board but he can't do anything. Trophies are just to die for, for reals. Casual, fun atmosphere. You go girl!
Sunday features the annual Singlehanded Race, skippers meeting at 11am at the club. You can actually use both hands. A passenger is allowed but they can't do anything, not even hand you a delecious beverage from the cooler, ok that seems a little draconian, . Which prestidigitator will take home the hardware this year? Trophies to follow at the club both days following racing.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wild and Windy Windermere

The Anacortes Yacht Club's annual Gran Prix qualifier Windermere Regatta was sailed June 9th and 10th in the eel grass filled waters of  Fidalgo and Padilla Bay. The 34 boats which ranged in rating from -33 to just this side of 300 were split into 5 divisions. Four races were sailed Saturday and three races Sunday, windward /leeward once and twice around. Highlights of the weekend included karaoke Saturday night, delecious London broil with all the fixins, complimentary champagne for each boat as they motored in on Sunday, and really beautiful trophies in the form of coffee mugs and etched beer glasses. In division 5 the San Juan 24's welcomed the Santana 22 and Nonsuch but sailed away with the top 3 places nonetheless. Division 4 was the under 30', over 30 years old, over 5000lbs, except for the dueling Beneteau 265's. Syndicat had the most dominant performance of the regatta with a score of 8 followed by her sistership and the racer scorer Kyle Saum in third. Division 3 was the Santa Cruz 27's plus 3 interlopers. The J-30 Celebration put the smackdown on the OD boys and the always well sailed Hotfoot 27 Blackfoot slipped in for 3rd. In division 2 the new sportboats were schooled by the old school sportboats and  Dr. Tiny White schooled'em all in the Soling. In the maxi big boat class, division 1, the largest fleet with the largest boats the competition was as fierce as the bear on Teddy Bear's spinnaker. Five different boats won at least one race and in the end The Bad Boys on Extreme won on a tiebreaker. The Team Tequila on Vitesse held on for third. Next up in AYC trophy case is the Northern Century, the epic 100 miler starting with a cannon blast Friday August 24th. Check out all the details @



AYC's WINDERMERE 2012 is in the books...and another weekend and event for us to be very proud of!!   30+ boats, 5 fleets, 7+races each....WOW!   To see all the sailors, competing, socializing, laughing, eating, raving about the event and just having a great time was absolutely wonderful.   KUDOS to SO many...just naming s few principals...Andy and Steph Schwenk as Race Chair, Chuck Tidrington and his cast of dozens as 'on the water PRO', Scott Reed and his entourage cooking, Sean Kelly and Jan Chapman and the battalion of bartenders they mobiized, and so many more..thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!
And this week, Wednesday night race and then a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING Friday night to discuss CLUB HOUSE EXPANSION, then cruise to Cypress with Bob and Myra on Saturday!!!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

California Dreamin

Steph and Andy Schwenk trailered their Santa Cruz 27 to the land of sunshine for the annual Delta Ditch Run. This race goes from Richmond Ca to Stockton Ca up theSan Joaquin River Valley. The typical winds blow Easterly as the central valley heats up it draws the cool ocean air upriver at 20-30 kts just like the Columbia River Gorge. This year it was 103 in Stockton and 67 in Richmond and the locals claim the temperature difference equals the wind speed. The race course is 65miles similar to the Juan de Fuca Race @ Swiftsure except that the first monohull was done in less than 6 hours. Andy was the road warrior leaving Thursday at noon, meeting a customer at Shilshole, picking up a spar in Watsonville, launching the Rumpus at Richmond, dropping the trailer at Stockton and picking up Steph at the Sacramento airport Friday at 11pm. The buses leave Stockton at 6am to deliver the sailors to Richmond for a 1030 start. The start is just under the Bay Bridge near The Brothers and the big boats set their kites and soon were over the horizon in 20-25 knot puffy spinnaker rides. We started with the Moore 24's and 8 other Sc-27's and battled for clear air for the first hour as we passed under the Carquinez bridge. The boat speed stayed steady around 10 kts with surges into the teens. Warm fresh water and sunshine kept the sunscreen in high demand and the fresh water bottles did not last long as we drank and squirted them to keep it cool. The multihulls soon blazed past to finish less than 4 hours later. There are several twisty turns and  the carnage can be viewed at norcalsailing, presure-drop and sailing anarchy. 5 rigs came down, several boats went aground, sails were shredded, and 7 MOB's. Everyone ended up safe and the party at Stockton was memorable though I have a suspicion some patrons were over served.We finally switched to the chicken kite, a small heavy spinnaker and kinda took the foot off the pedal after it was obvious the Moores, Expresses and especially the Wabbits plane out sooner than we do and we had a healthy lead on the other Sc-27's. Not to mention the repair bill even for a rig shop owner was going up fast, those carbon poles are kinda spendy.....Former AYC member Steve Kleinbart was our MVP crew person and AYC member Tom Gilbert sailed to second place aboard an Etchells. Hopefully Windermere will be a little gentler on the fuel bill and rigging.