Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ladies First

The dawn broke grey and menacing across the normally tranquil waters of Padilla Bay. In a dance of the lead bellied money guzzlers two of Anacortes finest ocean racing thoroughbreds joined in the fray. Syndicat helmed by the lovely and precocious Kim Kelley was joined by the recently betrothed Jordan Beemer aboard the Surfin Bird. Sails were hoisted and sheeted home. The waters churned and winches sang their lonely cry, or was it wenches? In any case the bows were pointed to that windswept rock known as Huckleberry Island and the AYC 2012 Get Out the Boat Womens Regatta was commenced. Surfin Bird hoisted their kite that appears to honor all individuals and their lifestyles and surged to an early lead. The Syndicat proceeded at a leisurely pace careful not to spill Walt's cocktail. On the approach to the island Syndicat slipped into the gap and the fur started to fly. Surfin Bird chose a counterclockwisecircumnavigation Syndicat the opposite. As the race reached it's climax Syndicat came from the rear to the fore and held on to snatch victory from certain defeat. Congratulations to all competitors and especially to Captain Kim and crew. The awards ceremony at AYC was memorable at least for the trophy princess dude, he abides.
In other news: Singlehanded Regatta skippers meeting Sunday at 11am at good 'ol AYC, use of both hands encouraged....