Monday, June 18, 2012


While the girls were 'getting out the boat' and the singlehanders were doing their thing, some hardy cruisers followed Bob & Myra's SEA BIRD to Eagle Harbor for a quintessential Pacific NW Cruising experience....the rain was a warm rain, the hiking was wet, the food was wonderful, the boxed wine flowed but the camaraderie was outstanding.  Bawden's CARAMBA, Nute's EXCAPE, Johnson's LADY JANE, Mac & Wendy's PANGAEA all joined SEA BIRD for a foggy, damp but fun weekend.  As it's solstice week, let summer begin, please!!
This week's Wednesday Night race is Otterstedt III and Friday night is $5 night...Bernie Bell, Beth Bell (no relation, just great belle's!), and Anita Nute plan a stellar offering featuring chicken.  Don't miss it!!!