Sunday, June 17, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

From all the ladies on Saturday to the testosterone filled competition on Sunday. A perfect 10 vessels braved the windswept waters of Padilla Bay. The annual Singlehanded Race got underway off the tanker dock @ 1230. Destination R4 buoy just off Jack Island and return. Winds South 12-15 building to 15-20 by the finish. The Rumpus broke out all the laundry and set the spinnaker to surge to an ill fated early lead. Cat Sass headed for Saddlebag and just did a horizon job. The fleet pretty well split between who wanted to go wide and follow Commisioner Rubin and those that followed the hapless Captain Midnight completely parked in the grisly gap between Huckleberry and Guemes. Celebration somehow slipped through on a God given puff and pursued Cat Sass over the horizon. The good doctor on Little Annie was fourth around the first mark just behind the new guy on the Bayliner. Everyone enjoyed a personal puff or two on the reach home and the Hassenfeffers went to rabbit mode and passed a bunch of boats. Our calculating scorer played the middle road and held on for the fourth just off the podium. Celebration with his crew of young pirate lasses never looked back and won, again. Dean brought the Bayliner home with a deck littered with broken hardware, and da Rumpus played the second half of slow and stop racing team with the third. Who dat Syndicat? Yes Jerry was out celebrating Father's Day five times over (at least) and according to the software if a Catalina 27 rated 476 he would have won. See y'all Wednesday!