Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top Ten reasons to do Northern Century

#10 Only 1 multihull is signed up; if you were at Cowichan Bay Regatta you know what I mean...
#9 It starts @ 7pm even bankers and financial advisers are awake by then
#8 It's actually only 94 knautical miles
# 7 You don't have to pay 3 days for a condo you're only going to be in for 1 night in Roche Harbor
#6 No schooners are entered.... yet
#5 While you are in A town you can visit the Rockfish/Anacortes Brewery
#4 80% off on moorage, the town crier, and real live Fidalgo Artillery for start
#3 You haven't signed up yet?
#2 Sun, wind, moonlight, starlight, and favorable current
#1 Legendary AYC hospitality, come play with your friends!!! Time spent on the water does not count against the time you're allotted!