Monday, August 13, 2012

Vendee Shaw

The AYC burgee was flying high this past Saturday. Every AYC boat that left on Friday to compete in the annual 'Round Shaw Island Race returned with a new pickledish to add to their trophy case. The Son of Raven with skipper Chris doing a workmanlike job at the helm finished in the shortest time and was third on the handicap system.The Bottles family was nosed out of first and returned with the silver medal. In a battle of the behemouth lead bellied money guzzlers the Roethle clan held off the late charging Kymodoce to post 2nd and third respectively. The Wild Rumpus was nothing if not consistent finishing second for the second year in a row. Now in the damn that's kinda interesting file... The first and second place boat overall went opposite ways around the island  and were not separated by much so, why worry mon? Just do it! High level talks were conducted with SJIYC for hosting AYC at the popular Foulweather Race in February. With the Canadians now joining us each year we have pretty much outgrown the Downrigger and are looking for a new host in Friday Harbor. If you have any connections to SJIYC or know someone who does or if you have an alternative plan please contact Chris Roethle, the chair of this event.