Monday, September 24, 2012

Drifting with a purpose

11 intrepid AYC yachts challenged Bellinghams best in the annual ABC Challenge. This years course was the same as last except less wind. Those of you that competed last year may find this hard to believe. Son of Raven slipped out to the early lead but was soon chased down by the Cat Sass. The Rumpians gybed out to the West and the breeze filled from the East and Walt Meagher singlehanding Syn di Cat was soon challenging for the lead.  We met the Bellingham fleet at Viti Rocks and the usual pleasantries were exchanged. The fleet bunched up in the battle South around Sinclair and it was reach for the finish at Lydia Shoal buoy. Boat after boat was washed past the finish and the suffering started in earnest as the clock continued to tick, tick, tick. Son of Raven eventually prevailed for first to finish, handicap results are not in yet, standby.