Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One week late but worth the wait

As I sit here sipping coffee and wondering where I am going to buy Nicole dinner I realized the RTC recap was left undone. Last Friday night AYC had the biggest night of bar revenue since those Tollycraft owners were in town. The OIYC 'Round the County Race now in it's 25th year was set for a Saturday morning start and nearly every sailor in the Salish Sea was in attendance. The Commodore and the missus lined up terrific entertainment and Steph put together a slide show for the ages. Talk about a fun party? Well you had to be there...Saturday @ 0830 came way too soon at the start line at Lydia Shoal near Obstruction Pass. A blue Norther and choppy sea met the AYC fleet consisting of ICON, Teddy Bear, Pangaea, Passepartout, Wild Rumpus, Celebration, Seeker and Nicole aboard Emoyeni (more about her later). Spinnakers of every color strained at the sheets and pulled the fleet South to the first turning mark at Davidson Rock. The slow boats go firs,t so the big buckets traveling at nearly double the speed had a labyrinth to deal with in the 80 boat fleet. The fleet went closehauled at the corner and had a choice to make to get to Mosquito Pass, go to the beach or go offshore. At Lime Kiln the fleet came together again and it didn't seem to make too much difference. The lead boats finished the 34 mile leg in less than four hours and the small boats struggled against a huge ebb pouring out of the Pass as it went dark. The times are held overnight at Roche Harbor and the clock is restarted at Battleship Island  Sunday morning. The dock party is fun and chilly and each year I find my bunk that much earlier. Now a SE front rolled in and the spinnakers bowled North to Turn PT where the fun really began. Let's just say no matter how big a heater you had or how far you turned up your collar it was wet and wild, and cold! 80 boats swapping tacks up the Saturna Shore and a massive tide rip off Patos kept the navigators busy. Full results @ Oh yeah, I didn't lose the bet with Nicole on the race it was about her and Kyle Roethle, Congratulations! Marriage is a fine institution and it looks like these two are going to be institutionalized.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anacortes Maritime Speakers Series

Joe Upton appearing at the Anacortes Library this Saturday 4p-5p

Nautical author Joe Upton will be featured at the Anacortes Library Maritime Speaker Series this Saturday, November 17th at 4pm - 5pm.  Attendance is free.
Joe's stories of traveling along the Inside Passage are classics for any boater. His books "Alaska Blues: A Season of Fishing" and "Bering Seas Blues: A Crabber Tales of Fear in the Icy North" chronicle life on the water and the people that fish in some most beautiful but challenging waters in the world.
Joe is a master storyteller. Anyone who cruises Southeast Alaska, or wants to boat in these areas will love hearing from Joe.


Monday, November 05, 2012

Friday Party Plan

Well it has stopped raining that is weird.....Let's look at our calendars for this week. Ahhh Friday night at good ol AYC. The AYC has developed a fine reputation of hosting sailors passing through town on their way to the OIYC 'Round the County Race. Doors open at 1500. The greatest music and slide show featuring  all AYC boats from F-18's to Perry 66's and all boats in between starts @1700.
Dinner featuring jambalaya, table decorations, banners this party will have it all. Music starts 8pm and we can have all kinds of fun, hey were even setting up a ping pong table downstairs, cool sailor game, what hppens when you cross musical chairs and ping pong? Come find out! You can really let your hair down cause hey they are going to start the rebuild soon so what could possibly go wrong? Please come welcome sailors from all over and show them what AYC hospitality is all about.