Monday, November 05, 2012

Friday Party Plan

Well it has stopped raining that is weird.....Let's look at our calendars for this week. Ahhh Friday night at good ol AYC. The AYC has developed a fine reputation of hosting sailors passing through town on their way to the OIYC 'Round the County Race. Doors open at 1500. The greatest music and slide show featuring  all AYC boats from F-18's to Perry 66's and all boats in between starts @1700.
Dinner featuring jambalaya, table decorations, banners this party will have it all. Music starts 8pm and we can have all kinds of fun, hey were even setting up a ping pong table downstairs, cool sailor game, what hppens when you cross musical chairs and ping pong? Come find out! You can really let your hair down cause hey they are going to start the rebuild soon so what could possibly go wrong? Please come welcome sailors from all over and show them what AYC hospitality is all about.