Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Here's to Happy Holidays to all AYC members, their families and their friends!!  Snuggle up, stay warm, smile, laugh and enjoy!!!   And remember how lucky we all are to be here in this marvelous corner of the world!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Shopping

What do you buy for the sailor that has everything? Well Cat Sass is for sale and a beat up old SC-27 is always a fine choice, but hey who can afford moorage? My father and I never agreed on much but there was always one thing we could agree on..... Boat Show Tickets! This year the largest boat show on the West Coast is the Seattle Boat Show Jan 25-Feb 3rd. Actually two shows in one, the afloat show at South Lake Union and the indoor show at Century Link Events Center.( Free Shuttle). Here's your chance to get terrific bargains. Buy a set of sailing gloves for your favorite crew person and tell them you want to see holes worn in the palm's by seasons end, from pulling on sheets. (not opening beers). You can buy rope by the lb. at the Samson display, any kind of line, high tech or mooring line, bags and coils for just a few bucks. KAM sailing gear sells off all kinds of fleecy things for  keeping warm, check out the marsupial pouch for fingers that aren't on the helm. It's like what NFL quarterbacks wear, you'll think you're faster just wearing it. There are events and seminars, and all kinds of electronic gadgets and gizmos. Do you have one of those mainsails that is like set it and forget it and you haven't adjusted the traveller since the Nixon administration? Talk to the sailmakers and riggers and find out when to give your cunningham a yank! Alright a shout out to the stinkpots....How about checking out a fancy new tender? Center console, electric start, room for a crab pot or two? Touch screen technology at the helm station, security cameras, fancy new mattress, or new glass for the flybridge enclosure.
Why don't we get a sign up sheet going Friday night and we pick a day and ride the train from Mt Vernon? The train station is adjacent to the show and apparently there is a place called a "bar car" aboard these trains... No parking fees and a chance to brag to your fellow AYC members what a terrific deal you got on a new yacht!

Friday, December 14, 2012

New Years Resolution

I know I'm jumping the gun but what if it all ends on the 21st? In any case here's your chance to make 2013 the best year ever. AYC is looking for an individual or even better a group of individuals that would enjoy being the "goto" people for Race Commiteed duty. This primarily means being interested in heading out on the water at about 5pm on Wednesday nights from May1st to September throw a few buoys around blowing a horn and flying a flag or two. In reality it is not that simple, it is challenging but fun when you do a good job. There is real satisfaction in doing a good job and developing a strong team. I have done a ton of RC duty over the past 7 years. Some days have gone well, others not so much. No competitor should be expecting perfection from the RC, on the other hand AYC has invested in boats, equipment, radios and navigation equipment in order to make it easier. Of course I love to sail and compete, but someday I know I won't be able to do that forever, when that day comes it is likely I will embrace the chance to stay involved by taking a ride in the RC launch. We have talented and willing memebers to show you the ropes until you get the hang of it..... Interested? Give me a call or drop me an email, or just stop by the shop.....

Saturday, December 08, 2012


This Friday's General Meeting is very important for all members, as it will be an in-depth presentation and discussion of the expansion plans for our clubhouse.  We've managed to 'jump through all the hoops' with the City of Anacortes, drawings are all finalized and contractors are reviewing them to submit bids.  We, your Board, want the membership to be fully informed of the plans, the status, and the proposed financing so you can make an informed vote on proceeding. We plan on the membership voting once we have bids back.  So plan on joining us...lasagna dinner with all the trimmings!  Please make your reservation ASAP.