Thursday, February 28, 2013

Racin' with a Benjamin

That's right the best 100.00 dollars you'll ever spend! Imagine 20.00 off regattas and 32 races in all, that's less then a sawbuck per race, in fact if you do all the regattas that's 'bout a buck per start. I know you're thinking how can we do this? Low prices at the bar, low prices on the race course, 5 buck nights, a mere 15.00 to listen to nationally acclaimed rules expert, it's like Christmas all year long! Now for the stinkin details, yes; you need a PHRF certificate, yes; you need insurance, yes; you must bust out a Benjamin and purchase a race packet, you can either purchase one at the club Friday night or goto the racing program on this website and purchase one online. They are attractive with a picture of our very own Yacht of the Year "Emoyeni" on the cover suitable for framing. Check out the duty schedule and make plans for RC and KP duty. If you are not a racer and you are still reading this you must have some interest so come out and join the fun! Weekend races are scored as one fleet, GRFW had 23 starters, Wednesday night is different. Class one is NFS or NoFlying Sails or No %$$^$#$ spinnakers, Class 2 is anything rating the same as Emoyeni or slower, and you guessed it if your boat is rated faster than that you are a class 3 racer. The RC reserves the right to place certain boats in classes 2/3, so call Andy 360 770 7035 if you are not sure which fleet are your people. Most of all let's have some fun!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ladies First

In the annual international competition that is the AYC Girts Rekevics Foul Weather Race/ Cruise, it paid to be of the fairer sex, or at least have a woman on board if you wanted to do well. In this case the one female, Skipper Stephanie Schwenk with her crew of pink ladies ably assisted by Dean the Magnificent pulled an unbelieveable end run around the entire fleet becalmed just East of Upright Head to carry away the silverware or in this case the bronzeware. It must be very difficult to predict the weather in the PNW because in this case the conditions were very different than the forecast. The big Westerly never showed up and the sunshine made for a terrific dock party. The Canadians showed up en masse and had the early lead, they wore funny hats, they did a lot of hugging and were the best guests we could have welcomed. Sean and Jan were the early birds and helped get everyone get secured and still have a couple pickled eggs left. John beat Dave in the first Beneteau battle of the season. Ed K took his new boat through her paces. Nightrunner beat Myrica in the wood boat world. Bombshell skippered by the General Michael Strauss won the smallest boat award. Celebration squeaked into 2nd by one second. The family affair aboard Emoyeni not only planned and organized and got a ton of cool door prizes but also are lucky #7. Three cheers for Chris Roethle for a job well done! Passepartout hauling both the good wine and some for guests showed off her slick new bottom and rounded out the top ten. Handyman brought Stacy Doyle, Girts daughter to be the trophy girl. Of course Wild Bill was number one in the multihull div! There were powerboaters and ferrygoers and even some hippies from Orcas Island. The SJIYC is a wonderful venue and they know how to cook lasagna. And of course thanks to the RC volunteers Chris and Sheila Maher and their assistant Bob Neumann.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Foulweather Fun!

Time to break out the heavy canvas, batten down the hatches, and bring your umbrella! The weather forecast is just right to chase away those winter blues. Typically the SouWesterly tends to funnel down Guemes Channel and feel more Westerly than it is. Once you clear Shannon Pt be on the lookout for a Southerly shift. Thatcher Pass has been the pass of champions but Peavine is always an option. Once inside the seas should laydown but it can still be puffy. At Upright Head it's likely you'll feel a Southerly shift again, a short beat to the finish as it turns Westerly again and time to put the coffee on! Keep an eye out ahead! The J-120's are very well sailed as well as a number of the smaller boats, again the J-30's are tough in the breeze. If you see a Black boat hauling the mail don't let him out of your sight. These boats can give you and idea of wind shifts and sail selection, if you think you need to reef, you probably do. The outflowing current vs. a Westerly wind will make foulies required and surely give the helmsperson a workout. The commitee boat is the Roughwater 37 "Rough n Ready" skippered by Chris and the lovely and precocious Sheila. If Girts were here he set "Ol Blue" and wear his pig farmer hat and have plenty of condescending BS at the dock to share with all competitors. So let's have some fun and keep those sailmakers busy!

Monday, February 18, 2013

AYC Racing News

Each year in an attempt to warm up their crews and get a jump on the racing season the sailors of the AYC set off for Orcas to participate in the Shaw Island Winter Classic, sponsored by OIYC. Of course they never really warm anything up except for Jah Mon, they stay warm and are well fed, everyone else freezes their, well toes off and usually tear up some gear..... This year was no exception although maybe not quite as cold as can be and certainly not as cold as last year.  The AYC boats Emoyeni, Wild Rumpus, Jah Mon and Pulelehua met up Saturday night to celebrate a certain female skippers birthday at West Sound Marina and polish off all the moonshine this side of the Skagit River. Think I'm kidding? We had both strawberry and blueberry! The start was after the ferry that didn't break down (long trip home) was underway and everyone set their genoas and headed East. A tacking duel ensued and then a headsail reach up Upright Channel. At the turn at Low Point spinnakers blossomed and a lazy run to the entrance of Wasp Passage.  At the clubhouse turn things got a little interesting, a strong current was flushing the boats upwind against a whisper blowing over the hill. Okay the rumor is true so we touched the island.... It used to be you have to reround the mark if you touched, fortunately according to the new rules a 360 is all that's required! In the end Emoyeni earned third in Heavy class, Jah Mon 6th. For the light weights Rumpus was second to the Bad Boys on Blackfoot from Bellingham and Pulelehua was sixth.
In other racing news the Race Packet is off to the publisher and should be for sale at the club Friday night. The Girts Rekevics Foul Weather Race is scheduled for wind and sunshine. Let's have some fun on the race course, it's later than you think!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Foulweather filling up Fast

Try saying that five times fast.....20 boats already signed up and still two weeks to the first start of the season. Cruisers and racers are in for a whale of a good time hosted by the San Juan Island Yacht Club. We have the club reserved at the top of the dock, warm showers, decent bar prices, hearty lasagna (veggie option), prize giveaways, socializing with foreigners, trophy presentations, and the usual hijinks and antics provided by the AYC membership. If your winter boat project is running overtime or you had to sell it to pay the taxman simply jump on the ferry and come join the fun. Goto the registration page on this website to reserve your place at the table!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Paint it Red

Paint the town red or yellow or whatever color you choose. Even better paint your boat bottom. AYC member Chris Maher (Sheila) is the local Interlux paint representative. He has graciously donated 2 gallons of Interlux bottom paint to the winner of the Girts Rekevics Foulweather Race/ Cruise to Friday Harbor coming up on the 23rd of this month. There are also cool jackets from West marine that all entrants whether cruisers or racers are eligible for. Come join the fun on your yacht or just hop on the ferry and make day trip of it. All the details are here on the website or call the chair Chris Roethle.