Friday, February 22, 2013

Foulweather Fun!

Time to break out the heavy canvas, batten down the hatches, and bring your umbrella! The weather forecast is just right to chase away those winter blues. Typically the SouWesterly tends to funnel down Guemes Channel and feel more Westerly than it is. Once you clear Shannon Pt be on the lookout for a Southerly shift. Thatcher Pass has been the pass of champions but Peavine is always an option. Once inside the seas should laydown but it can still be puffy. At Upright Head it's likely you'll feel a Southerly shift again, a short beat to the finish as it turns Westerly again and time to put the coffee on! Keep an eye out ahead! The J-120's are very well sailed as well as a number of the smaller boats, again the J-30's are tough in the breeze. If you see a Black boat hauling the mail don't let him out of your sight. These boats can give you and idea of wind shifts and sail selection, if you think you need to reef, you probably do. The outflowing current vs. a Westerly wind will make foulies required and surely give the helmsperson a workout. The commitee boat is the Roughwater 37 "Rough n Ready" skippered by Chris and the lovely and precocious Sheila. If Girts were here he set "Ol Blue" and wear his pig farmer hat and have plenty of condescending BS at the dock to share with all competitors. So let's have some fun and keep those sailmakers busy!