Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ladies First

In the annual international competition that is the AYC Girts Rekevics Foul Weather Race/ Cruise, it paid to be of the fairer sex, or at least have a woman on board if you wanted to do well. In this case the one female, Skipper Stephanie Schwenk with her crew of pink ladies ably assisted by Dean the Magnificent pulled an unbelieveable end run around the entire fleet becalmed just East of Upright Head to carry away the silverware or in this case the bronzeware. It must be very difficult to predict the weather in the PNW because in this case the conditions were very different than the forecast. The big Westerly never showed up and the sunshine made for a terrific dock party. The Canadians showed up en masse and had the early lead, they wore funny hats, they did a lot of hugging and were the best guests we could have welcomed. Sean and Jan were the early birds and helped get everyone get secured and still have a couple pickled eggs left. John beat Dave in the first Beneteau battle of the season. Ed K took his new boat through her paces. Nightrunner beat Myrica in the wood boat world. Bombshell skippered by the General Michael Strauss won the smallest boat award. Celebration squeaked into 2nd by one second. The family affair aboard Emoyeni not only planned and organized and got a ton of cool door prizes but also are lucky #7. Three cheers for Chris Roethle for a job well done! Passepartout hauling both the good wine and some for guests showed off her slick new bottom and rounded out the top ten. Handyman brought Stacy Doyle, Girts daughter to be the trophy girl. Of course Wild Bill was number one in the multihull div! There were powerboaters and ferrygoers and even some hippies from Orcas Island. The SJIYC is a wonderful venue and they know how to cook lasagna. And of course thanks to the RC volunteers Chris and Sheila Maher and their assistant Bob Neumann.