Thursday, February 28, 2013

Racin' with a Benjamin

That's right the best 100.00 dollars you'll ever spend! Imagine 20.00 off regattas and 32 races in all, that's less then a sawbuck per race, in fact if you do all the regattas that's 'bout a buck per start. I know you're thinking how can we do this? Low prices at the bar, low prices on the race course, 5 buck nights, a mere 15.00 to listen to nationally acclaimed rules expert, it's like Christmas all year long! Now for the stinkin details, yes; you need a PHRF certificate, yes; you need insurance, yes; you must bust out a Benjamin and purchase a race packet, you can either purchase one at the club Friday night or goto the racing program on this website and purchase one online. They are attractive with a picture of our very own Yacht of the Year "Emoyeni" on the cover suitable for framing. Check out the duty schedule and make plans for RC and KP duty. If you are not a racer and you are still reading this you must have some interest so come out and join the fun! Weekend races are scored as one fleet, GRFW had 23 starters, Wednesday night is different. Class one is NFS or NoFlying Sails or No %$$^$#$ spinnakers, Class 2 is anything rating the same as Emoyeni or slower, and you guessed it if your boat is rated faster than that you are a class 3 racer. The RC reserves the right to place certain boats in classes 2/3, so call Andy 360 770 7035 if you are not sure which fleet are your people. Most of all let's have some fun!