Sunday, March 31, 2013

Great White North Race Report

West Vancouver Yacht Club hosted the 45th annual Southern Straits Classic yacht race, starting on Good Friday at 10am. Actually the big news was Thursday night when Kevin Welch's ICON was awarded the trophy for the overall winner of the 2012 edition. It is likely he will have to be willing to wax the Rumpus  topsides or mow the lawn in return for the pickledish since he was not there to receive the goods. The wind was light at the start and not quite enough to get the mighty Night Runner owned by Doug Fryer of AYC to lift her skirts and get underway. AYC member Stephanie Schwenk sailing aboard Bravo Zulu, that she sailed to Hawaii last summer, led out to the West and the race was on. After a lazy afternoon of swapping tacks and counting porpoises and killer whales (orcas) night fell and the moon rose out of the ocean like a burnt umber orange. Soon off to the North as spinnakers sprouted at Ballenas Islands the Aurora Borealis  put on a show, huge bands of light dominated the night sky and distracted the groggy crews. Phosphorescence spun off the hulls and marked the boats trails through the waters. In the morning the Night Runner was forced with the question of wreckers or checkers? Of course they gybed early going for the win and cutting the distance by taking a tight line in front of Howe Sound. Mr. Murphy was listening and served up a fine brew of contrasting breezes resulting in a foredeck fiasco that dropped the Night Runner from second to fifth in less than an hour. Glory will have to wait for another year. As the crews delivered the yachts South under the belt of Orion it was said: A yacht is a possession that is purchased in one's life, the experiences with other's aboard make up your life. (Or word's to that effect , two 80 mile deliveries and a 93 mile race in 72 hours fogs my cortex) For full details as well as the race tracker goto wvyc website.....
Now let's have some fun Tulip Regatta April 6/7!!!!!