Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Racing Beat

The Smith Island Race featured everything a sailor could want, smooth water, downwind start, fine competitors everything except wind.... Nonetheless Walt cracked the whip aboard Syndicat over the heads of a determined crew and came away with victory. The Hassenpfeffers were not to be denied and held on for the bridesmaid position. Everyone else figured they'd rather go bowling or mow their lawn.
Easter Weekend features the Southern Straits Regatta hosted by West Vancouver Yacht Club. There are four courses, the lone AYC competitor this year will be Doug Fryers, custom cutter, the wood planked, Bob Perry designed Night Runner; some call the inspiration for Kevin Welch's ICON. You can follow along on the WVYC website as the tracker system will be in use. This race is notorious for big winds and big action as the Strait of Georgia can get lively on occasion.
Tulip Regatta! Hands are in the Air! New BBQ, Games with Stephanie n Stacia, Sailing with a real PRO, salmon on the grill, wind in your sails, great trophies and sponsor prizes. Why not come join the fun? From F-18 catamarans, vintage SC-27's and Puerto Rican 24's, the new kid on the block with our own Commodore on the helm the Viper 640's and of course the usual PHRF suspects. Come see what AYC does best and support the sponsors and our bar revenue!