Saturday, April 13, 2013

All Sails Set

If the Anacortes Yacht Club was a sailing ship, no barnacles are growing on her hull.  The first quarter spied her crowding on the canvas from Foul Weather Race and Cruise to the Tulip Regatta (both terrific successes).  These events bracketed the big project, the expansion of the Club itself, which began with serious excavation work on March 25, 2013,  the day after the Ground Breaking which witnessed four gold shovels and two gold clam diggers wielded first by the current Board, then by attending past Commodores and finally by those present at the ground breaking for the current club house.   Although the work to date has not disrupted the interior of the Club, parking is now more limited, but footings have been poured and the forms are in for the downstairs walls.  (By the way, the Club raised its targeted $170,000 via member promissory notes in barely two weeks time- congratulate yourselves!)  Vince Henley prepared all the documentation so that in the future the Club will be zoned Commercial Marine instead of Residential which will remove the extended conditional use permitting process.

In between the major racing/cruising events,  Race Chair Andy Schwenk has Saturday long distance racing in full swing, Vice Commodore Sean Kelly has pulled off three terrific General Meetings, Bill Short has kept the Club fed with an at least an equal amount of $5 Buck Nights, Fred Abelman and his host of AYC volunteers ran a full-on High School Team Racing Regatta at Seafarer's Park and the Club hosted Dick Rose, ISAF Rules Review Committee Chair, to bring the sailors up to speed on the recent changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing.  Jerry Ball has the burners hot for a great cruising season.  Meanwhile MarKay Neumann, Member Chair,  signed up a host (I lost count) of new members while turning out the 2013 Roster.  We also upgraded the ownership of our web site and have planned a more user friendly interface.  And do not forget that Rear Commodore Jerry Reilly and his team of very dedicated volunteer keepers have the bar running like a smooth 12 year old Scotch.

Speaking of volunteers, not one of the activities listed above, plus the ones that I have forgotten to list, has been executed without active volunteers.  Often, we find the same dedicated club members signing up for duties and I want to urge all of you who have been riding on their shoulders to broaden our base.  I guarantee you will be valued, you will meet other great volunteers and you will have some fun.  Above all, hang on because the breeze is up at the Club and we are not shortening sail.

Steve Orsini

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