Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wednesday Night Warm Up

Mark your calendar for Wednesday April 24th @1800, that's 6pm for an informative evening regarding everything you ever needed to know about Wednesday nights at AYC. Whether you are a seasoned salt or just a newbie, if you are a skipper looking for crew or an out of work foredeck ape come on down. We will review how to fire up the BBQ, what the start sequence is, the new No Flying Sails div that starts 1st this year, where the keys to the chase boat are hidden, how many buns to buy and where to dump the trash. The first race is scheduled for May 1st and the fine folks at Anacortes Rigging and Yacht Service have volunteered to do committee duties for the first series. These folks know what they're doing so if you are interested in this kind of work let them know you're available and it is likely they will work you in. Fred Abelman will fill you in on getting qualified to run the chase boat and my first wife (and current) Stephanie Schwenk will describe how cooking duties are handled. Goto the Racing section here on the website to see which night you're in the barrel, if you are going to be cruising or otherwise outa town find someone to trade nights with. Let's have some fun!