Sunday, May 12, 2013

AYC takes it offshore

The 37th annual Oregon Offshore Race started Thursday the 9th in Astoria, Oregon. What is it about blue hulled boats and AYC? ICON is always tearing up the race course with all the newest gadgetry, Teddy Bear does it old school with strategery and homecooked family style, in this case Passepartout skippered by Pete Shainin and ably assisted by former Commodore Jerry Vanderveen, Arty,Vince, Dean, Bryan and some new faces too! The trip down proved nav instruments not required as the Windex pointed to the destination the entire way. A skippers meeting featuring the longest raffle in yachting history, and it was down the Great Columbia River for a ten am start. A humpback whale actually breached here two years ago and took the rig out of a Beneteau 36 named ....wait for it...L'Orca. (Truly this did happen) In any case with more whales spotted in the start area, crews were on high alert. Passepartout led out to the West first across the start line chased by a fleet of 27 boats. (check out their website for all the details) Winds were North at ten knots and built into the twenties the first night. Westerlies wre predicted and most boats rounded the Duntze Rock corner near Flattery sometime on Friday. The classic spinnaker run down the Starit of Juan de Fuca the obligatory fireworks going through Race Rocks and a coast to the finish. Passepartout earned a deuce in class B.
In other news:
New plan for Wednesday nights seems to be popular lots of boats and smiling faces
Syndicat wins Sucia Island Race (after so many victories is this still news?)
New sail loft in town Ulman Sails located at MSC
Your race chair sailed to a class victory aboard SC-27 Bladerunner at Oregon Offshore
Anacortes Rigging owners Ian and Joy have volunteered to be RC for first Wednesday night series.
Commodore Steve took his Lido to Oregon for spring racing. He owns a lot of boats!
Big Blue Show ICON 1st to finish at SYC Protection Island
Swiftsure around the corner let's represent for AYC!