Friday, July 26, 2013

Great Photos - Thanks Roger!

Mac pointed out to me some GREAT photos of Wednesday racing taken by Roger Robertson. He has printed several and made them available at the club. You can contact him at Mrmud54 at or call 299-2203.

It is always so hard to get good photos of your own boat because you're always sailing on it. At Steve Wolff's website check out the Windermere Regatta and Whidbey Race Week galleries. Pick up a few to commemorate great racing at: The pictures are amazing, take a look!

Monday, July 22, 2013

What a week it was....

Whidbey Island Race Week is the last surviving remnant of a series of Race Weeks hosted by Yachting magazine that used to be held in every sailing hotspot in America, as well as Penn Cove, Washington. Anacortes Yacht Club has a long history of sending it's finest yachts and skippers to compete and this year was no different. Let's consider this for a moment; where else on Earth can you set a crab trap on the way to the start line, compete in a sailboat race, eat ice cream in Coupeville while you wait for the next start, watch a pod of killer whales eat seals, hold your ears while the Navy protects our freedom overhead, sail a third race, pull your pot on the way in and drink free alcohol for an hour with your sailor pals and do it all again tomorrow? Sound like fun? WIRW didn't get it's nickname "Adult Summer Kamp" for nuthin...

This year Two boats flew the scarlet letter, Gray Hawken's Teddy Bear and Mikey owned by Kevin Welch representin for Team Big Blue. The Hawken's competed with three generations aboard and missed having good 'ol Fred A in the cockpit. (Get well soon!) Div 1 turned into a 4 boat shoot out in a 5 boat class. Teddy Bear was on the podium each day bringing home a boatload of prizes. Kevin Welch along with AYC members Ian and Joy Sloan absolutely demolished, dismantled and destroyed Div 5. For people trying to learn what sailboat racing is all about this is hard to understand . It's supposed to be a tightly controlled one design class and each boat identical. Well it didn't look that way on the race course with Mikey winning every single race all week long and many by a landslide. The Mikey crew are training hard for the World Championship this summer in San Francisco.

Div 7 had an Anacortes flavor with Jim Lee's fleet of Left Coast Darts, constructed right here in A town doing battle with Team Schwenk split between the two Sierra 26's. Stephanie Schwenk sailed with the Bainbridge High sailing team all week scratched out a 1/2 point victory over the top DART. Many other AYC sailors and crews were spotted on the course and on the stage at the after party and another WIRW is now in the books.

Mikey flying downwind on Wednesday

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pirate Camp!

Thar be pirates in these waters! Every summer the Anacortes Yacht Club hosts kids of all ages to participate in Pirate Camp. This summer the dates are Aug 6-9 and 11-13. You can check out all the details right here on the registration portion of the website. If you have a Laser or other sailing dinghy in serviceable condition let Steph know so we can get another kid/pirate out on the water. Also she will need members with keelboats and tenders or chaseboat drivers to ferry the pirates for the great hot dog roast on  Scallywag/ Saddlebag Island on Friday. This is an excellent way to host your grandkid or equivalent and have fun on your boat at the same time! Come join the fun! Let Steph know you want to be a part of the action and you may even get a free T-shirt!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Northern Century

Once upon a time, right here in the PNW, two old sailors were watching the raindrops pelting against the windowpane. The conversation turned to the usual topic, sailing. In a national sailing rag an article had been published of a 300 mile sufferfest of sailing that toured the Great Lakes. The raindrops began to come down in earnest which only served to add determination to the sailors cogitation. It soon became crystal clear, the Salish Sea needed a version of this sailing feat of it's own. 300? don't think so, 100 has a nice ring to it, consider the Benjamin, the typical 10% of a boat buck. Doublehanded ok, fully crewed? that's ok too, new for 2013 is the Fabulous Fifty (DH only). Delicious food, a parade, cannon fire, moonlit sailing, all female crews, new friendships, sponsored beer(thanks Anacortes Brewery/Rockfish Grill/ Brewer Kev), sponsored prizes (Port supply/West Marine), a group picture, sunrise breakfast on board, whale watching, kelp wars, fierce competition, and memorable moments. Read all about it on the Notice of Race here on the website and come join the fun!