Monday, July 01, 2013

Northern Century

Once upon a time, right here in the PNW, two old sailors were watching the raindrops pelting against the windowpane. The conversation turned to the usual topic, sailing. In a national sailing rag an article had been published of a 300 mile sufferfest of sailing that toured the Great Lakes. The raindrops began to come down in earnest which only served to add determination to the sailors cogitation. It soon became crystal clear, the Salish Sea needed a version of this sailing feat of it's own. 300? don't think so, 100 has a nice ring to it, consider the Benjamin, the typical 10% of a boat buck. Doublehanded ok, fully crewed? that's ok too, new for 2013 is the Fabulous Fifty (DH only). Delicious food, a parade, cannon fire, moonlit sailing, all female crews, new friendships, sponsored beer(thanks Anacortes Brewery/Rockfish Grill/ Brewer Kev), sponsored prizes (Port supply/West Marine), a group picture, sunrise breakfast on board, whale watching, kelp wars, fierce competition, and memorable moments. Read all about it on the Notice of Race here on the website and come join the fun!