Sunday, September 29, 2013

What A Cruise!!!!!!

It was the "Almost Blakely Island Cruise" and what a 'cruise' it was!!  They made the most of it...and great big kudos to Bernie and Bob Bell, and their daughters for a marvelous 'save'.   It was a very prudent decision, given the weather, to reformat and 'cruise to the clubhouse'.  Eighty plus gathered there last night (with the sheet rock just applied in the addition), tasted wine, watched football, cooked steaks, pot lucked, and played bingo.  Then they returned this morning for Cashetta's Bloody Marys and Chowanec's pancakes and sausage, golf putting and football.   Yes, what a weekend cruise!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Make the Most of it!!!!

Change of plans....but what an opportunity to make the most of it.   The WINE-CHEESE-CHOCOLATE Cruise to Blakely has been reformatted and will be held at the Clubhouse so no need to brave the forecast heavy rain and 40K southerlies!!! And that means all members can come to Bob and MarKay's $5 night...baked potato extravaganza tonight...Friday!!!    MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Today at the clubhouse!!!!...1300 (1PM)...on the big screen...the final race!!!!   Come on down, bring your friends, and join the cheering crowd for what has been a most historic AMERICA'S Jimmy Spithill said, "the greatest comeback in International sport".  It couldn't be more exciting, and even tho' construction is going on, we'll watch around it!!!!  DON'T MISS THIS!!!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Great Summer of Racing!!!

Last night was the last (darn!) Wednesday night race of the season....PAJAMA NIGHT...kind of putting the boats to bed?? And great big KUDOS to Stephanie and Andy Schwenk for a great program.  For those of you who might of missed coming by the club on a Wednesday evening this summer, you really missed out!!  We averaged about 25 boats out chasing each other around the buoys, being marvelously photographed by Roger Robertson, and then the crews fed by each crew taking their turn (great volunteering!) and watered at the very busy bar (helping finance the new addition so we can handle even more next year).  Every Wednesday saw the club house packed!!  It was marvelously organized and Steph's 'prizes' are something to behold!!
Now, register for the Blakely Cruise next weekend and join in more fun!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Annual Salmon Feed

Friday September 13th (yikes!) marks the end of our summer meeting hiatus and as in past years we will be celebrating with a salmon feed brought to you by Trident Seafoods and culinary wizard Walt Meagher. 

But it gets even better!  Captain Kenneth Greff of Sound Experience will be joining us. Sound Experience sails the historic schooner Adventuress.  Commissioned in 1913, Adventuress is a gaff topsail two-masted schooner measuring 101 feet on deck.  That's a whole bunch of sailboat!  Ken will tell us  about Adventuress and the mission of Sound Experience. 

Dinner will be salmon, baked potato, cole slaw and salad.  All for $12/per.  What a deal!  For those more inclined towards terrestrial fare, there will be an option for chicken.  Walt's famous oysters will also be available for $1 each.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

AYC haulin the silverware

The BYC's annual PITCH Regatta held every Labor Day Weekend in the fiendishly tricky windswept bay in front of Bellingham provides sailors an excellent way to cap off the summer racing season. This year the sailors of AYC had a banner year, standing on the podium in three classes. First off, of course are those speedy multihulls with Chris Sherman and Keith Stone showing AC form in capturing second place in winds ranging up to 20 knots. Capt. Mike Strauss in the Bombshell ( can be yours for 19.5k) put the smackdown on the larger vessels to steal 1st place with 3pts to spare. The Little Annie Capt and crew kept the dodger up just in case of inclement weather and battled to a third place for their efforts. Excellent racing coupled with fine hospitality and plenty of sponsor swag made for a terrific weekend. Surely next year you will want to join the fun!