Thursday, September 19, 2013

Great Summer of Racing!!!

Last night was the last (darn!) Wednesday night race of the season....PAJAMA NIGHT...kind of putting the boats to bed?? And great big KUDOS to Stephanie and Andy Schwenk for a great program.  For those of you who might of missed coming by the club on a Wednesday evening this summer, you really missed out!!  We averaged about 25 boats out chasing each other around the buoys, being marvelously photographed by Roger Robertson, and then the crews fed by each crew taking their turn (great volunteering!) and watered at the very busy bar (helping finance the new addition so we can handle even more next year).  Every Wednesday saw the club house packed!!  It was marvelously organized and Steph's 'prizes' are something to behold!!
Now, register for the Blakely Cruise next weekend and join in more fun!!!