Friday, November 01, 2013

Welcome Sailors All Around!

Mark your calendar for Friday, November 8th! The brand new all fancied up and fireproofed AYC will host sailors from all over the local whale pasture to a night of music, fun and food. Each year the OIYC hosts the annual 'Round the County Race, this year featuring 90 boats from 24' to 70'. Crews from all over converge on A-town and head for the start line in the dark Saturday morning. In order to send them off in style the AYC will make sure they aren't thirsty and even have a taco bar to keep them from hitting the free bar pretzels too hard. This year Teddy Bear, Celebration, Wild Rumpus, Pangaea, Passepartout, and of course ICON will be out for the lovely pickle dishes passed out each year. Come join the fun and let these sailors feel welcome, also cheer on your favorite local crew. The video is full of antics and hijinks from years past  RTC when Jo, Ajax and Night Runner ruled the waves.