Sunday, December 01, 2013

Da Auld Mug

Friday, Dec. 6th, the AYC will host the event of the season. At 1530 we will have a members only (with special guests) event to host the most famous trophy in the sport of yachting, The Americas Cup. Some of our more senior members may know it by it's original name the 100 Guineas Cup. Not only will the cup itself be there but also honorary AYC member Tugboat Turner (reportedly no relation to Ted Turner), part of the Team that won for good 'ol USA. In addition the author of the soon to be best selling  book about the whole shootin match, Ms. Julian Guthrie, and probably some security personnel will be in attendance. If you're one of the quickly dwindling portion of the population that still puts in a full workday even on Friday you are in luck. After the AYC event the Cup will travel to Watermark store @1830. Of course member social hours will carry on as well.