Saturday, December 07, 2013

Fryer on Friday Night

This Friday night make plans to come on down to the home, well temporary anyway of the Auld Mug! The special guest for the general meeting is Capt. Doug Fryer. Doug has a lifetime of sea stories to share. Special interest to all boaters is Doug's involvement in the development of the Lifesling a patented MOB recovery system. Doug started out at Fisheries in Seattle doing rope/wire splices on the pier and ended up becoming a maritime lawyer. He also crewed aboard Adventuress on her trip North from San Francisco in December in the 50's. Doug's current boat is a lovely bright finished 42' cutter designed by Bob Perry. He has raced her singlehanded to Hawaii and sailed 'round the horn to attend Carnival in Rio! In any case the drinks are cheap and the food is delicious. In other news your dues are due so send'em before the end of the month to avoid fees...Happy Holidays!