Monday, March 31, 2014

Terrific Tulip

The 2014 edition of the annual Tulip Cup sailed Mar 29th and 30th will be remembered by the salty sailors of the AYC for a long time. Blustery and lively on Saturday and fine weather on Sunday. The usual legendary hospitality was the Friday night scene and many sailors were paying the price Saturday morning at the skippers meeting. The start was delayed for an hour to let the wind squall blow through and the fleet was split into 6 divisions. First off the line the legendary Pangaea showed her transom to the fleet and proved the value of solid crew work notching a bullet on the windward leeward course. Fleet two were the high flying 505's and with overlapping headsails and no provision for reefing these intrepid sailors had their hands full and also there cockpits full of water and sometimes their masts too as the chase boats raced here and there to offer assistance or at least encouragement. Fleet 3 were the colorful SC-27's,  7 boats and three skippers of the fairer sex. Stephanie Schwenk showed her winning style rattling off 7 bullets in two days and even let her current husband take the helm in the final race. Fleet 4 turned into a battle for second as Ben Braden rattled off a string of bullets and AYC and BYC perennial winners Emoyeni and Blackfoot were engaged in a duel to the final race. Fleet 5 was led by a three peat for Syndicat, the Walt and Jerry show held off the competition and led them on a wild goose chase in one race save for Tiramisu that actually read the course board! Finally Charles Webb in div 6 had it all to himself and walked away with a beautiful Jennifer Bowman print. Of course the most important thing is to thank everyone that made it happen. From the bartenders to the cleanup crew to the race committee and  a host of sponsors please patronize these folks and let them know AYC is a loyal bunch. Hey Walt keep that salmon coming for one more year, or at least share the recipe!