Sunday, April 27, 2014

What a SUCCESS!!!!

This weekend the Anacortes High School Teen Sailing Team hosted the NWISA (NW Interscholastic Sailing Assoc) Doublehanded District Championships with the most able and dedicated backing of the kid's parents and volunteers from our AYC.  There were at least 2 dozen AYC volunteers there both days, on the water, on the dock and on shore helping to organize and manage this complicated event. The venue was PERFECT...Seafarer's Park!!  But you had to be there to comprehend the logistics of pulling this regatta off, let alone feeding the 90+ teens and the volunteers.  Here's how it works:  There were 16 schools, each with two double handed teams (4 schools from Portland, the rest from Olympia, Gig Harbor, Bainbridge, etc to Bellingham) and 16 identical dinghies.  The boats are FJ's (Flying Juniors) with new sails (provided for the event by SYC Sailing Foundation). So you have 32 sailing teams and 16 boats.  The goal is to have every team sail  2 races on every boat.  After every 2 races they sail back to the dock and change boats.  32 races in the 2 days would be perfect....we did 28!!!!   Congrats to all involved and CONGRATULATIONS to the kids from Sehome who won a trip to the Nationals in San Diego next month.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Big Weekend for: High School Sailing, AYC & Port of Anacortes

This coming weekend come on down to Seafarer's Park during the day Saturday and/or Sunday and see Seafarer's Park, Fidalgo Bay and AYC at our best.   The NW Interscholastic Sailing Association Double-handed Championships will be under way.   There'll be 90 - 100 high school kids representing 17 high school teams from the Pacific Northwest...from Portland to Bellingham...competing for a chance to go to the National Championships in San Diego in May.  The excitement and action will be at Seafarer's Park but great viewing opportunities abound from atop Cap Sante.   You'll see top notch dinghy sailing competition in an unsurpassed venue.

Wednesday Night sailing and You!

Once upon a time there was a small yacht club in a vibrant, livable city in the Pacific Northwest. The folks that made up this yacht club had so much fun others wanted to join in. Now look how far we have come....The members of the club and especially the hard working volunteers are certainly the backbone of our club, without them the doors would close and eventually the roof would cave in. The heart of our club is the boating. Wednesday night sailing is a terrific example of this. We have classes for the hard core racers and NFS classes for the rookies and the more casual crowd. The galley and bar is all set to accomodate members that want to be a part of it all without getting their feet wet. Of course if you want to learn what racing is all about without risking your vessel, give Mr. Beemer a shout and let him know you would like to help with race commitee duties, don't worry they will set you up in a role you can handle. The crews come up with tasty meals and cocktails are priced right, so if you just want to unwind with fellow yachties come on down and join the fun!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thar She Blows

Everyday spent on the water is a little different. Even if you are passing through areas you have been to many times before, you have to be ready for variable conditions. The Guemes Island race held last Saturday was just like that. This race has gone through some changes over the years, it has ceased to be a night race as it once was and buoys and islands have been added to the course. One thing hasn't changed and that is the fact that even though it takes place in some of our most familiar waters, the outcome is never certain. Spinnakers were launched as the fleet left on an on time start and Kinetic Ki showed her transom to the fleet as the boats travelled at hullspeed and better out the Guemes Channel. It was clear that the current pouring out Bellingham Channel was going to be a challenge. Boomer, the Martin 242 out of Bellingham, quickly sailed into the West Guemes shore and dropped anchor waiting for the wind to build. Journey led the charge up the Cypress shore but the wind was not due in for another hour and the fleet was soon washed out to the South. Once  the wind filled in solid the Hassenfeffer's were in the thick of it as a lovely spinnaker run brought the fleet to the North end. At the point  the fleet rounded the R4 buoy it was Katie bar the door! A Southeaster gusting close to 40 met the fleet and soon snapped the jib halyard, outhaul, blew 1/2 the battens out of the 242 to put a hitch in her giddy up. Kinetic Ki picked up a mooring buoy to stow a torn main. Kymodoce got busy with reefs and headsail changes and likely won the day. Capt Ed K and son dropped anchor and waited for the tide off Samish. Unfortunately for the Team Emoyeni which has been off to her best season of racing ever donated her rig to Davy Jones locker off the east side of Huckleberry Island. Capt Andy Damis and the crew of Journey stood by ready to offer assistance  if needed. Results should be up soon...Back to International competition...
The mighty Icon represented for AYC and brought home the only podium finish for the AYC fleet at the Southern Straits Regatta hosted by WVYC. Passepartout was the victim of a nasty spinnaker wrap and the Wild Rumpus is likely in the market for a much needed fathometer. Of note is this regatta once dipped to as low as 42 entries and this year there were over 100! (Plus the RC stepped up and had three portable hot tubs on site, but as they say YOU HAD TO BE THERE!!!)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

International Competition

Thank heavens racing and spring are here. The usual suspects Kevin Welch, Ian and Joy Sloan are competing in Charleston Race Week in South Carolina, after a rough start they have rattled off four bullets in a class stacked with luminaries from all over the map. In fact for those trivial pursuit fans, Chris Field, whose brother Jay Field owns the local Villge Pizza/ Wheelhouse is laying 9th. All the details are on the web, maybe soon we will see an AYC Viper Team representin! Why International competition as the heading describes? Be on the lookout for Kevin and crew jetting back home to get the mighty ICON to Vancouver this weekend for the 46th Annual Southern Straits Regatta. Passepartout and Wild Rumpus will also join in the action out of West Vancouver YC. Each boat is fitted with a "Yellow Brick" tracker so you can follow along with your feet on the hearth. The Wild Rumpus will attempt to copy this feat of two regattas in one week in two different countries by competing in the AYC 'Round Guemes Island race on Saturday! In other news please support Fred Abelman and his posse putting together the high school regatta April 26 and 27, simply give him a shout and let him know you need a job or show up at the April 16th meeting 1900hrs @ AYC.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Potluck and Basketball

Racers just had a successful Tulip Regatta and Cruisers are off to Bellingham this weekend. It's time for something about some basketball! The NCAA National Championship game is on Monday, April 7th. Will it be Florida or Connecticut vs Wisconsin or Kentucky? Whichever it is, what a great excuse to have a potluck at the club and watch the nation's 2 top teams battle it out. The bar, of course, will be open. Game time is at 6pm, the club will be open at 5:30pm for pre-game psych up. Whether you're a fan or not, potlucks at the AYC are always a great event. See you on Monday.