Saturday, April 12, 2014

International Competition

Thank heavens racing and spring are here. The usual suspects Kevin Welch, Ian and Joy Sloan are competing in Charleston Race Week in South Carolina, after a rough start they have rattled off four bullets in a class stacked with luminaries from all over the map. In fact for those trivial pursuit fans, Chris Field, whose brother Jay Field owns the local Villge Pizza/ Wheelhouse is laying 9th. All the details are on the web, maybe soon we will see an AYC Viper Team representin! Why International competition as the heading describes? Be on the lookout for Kevin and crew jetting back home to get the mighty ICON to Vancouver this weekend for the 46th Annual Southern Straits Regatta. Passepartout and Wild Rumpus will also join in the action out of West Vancouver YC. Each boat is fitted with a "Yellow Brick" tracker so you can follow along with your feet on the hearth. The Wild Rumpus will attempt to copy this feat of two regattas in one week in two different countries by competing in the AYC 'Round Guemes Island race on Saturday! In other news please support Fred Abelman and his posse putting together the high school regatta April 26 and 27, simply give him a shout and let him know you need a job or show up at the April 16th meeting 1900hrs @ AYC.