Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thar She Blows

Everyday spent on the water is a little different. Even if you are passing through areas you have been to many times before, you have to be ready for variable conditions. The Guemes Island race held last Saturday was just like that. This race has gone through some changes over the years, it has ceased to be a night race as it once was and buoys and islands have been added to the course. One thing hasn't changed and that is the fact that even though it takes place in some of our most familiar waters, the outcome is never certain. Spinnakers were launched as the fleet left on an on time start and Kinetic Ki showed her transom to the fleet as the boats travelled at hullspeed and better out the Guemes Channel. It was clear that the current pouring out Bellingham Channel was going to be a challenge. Boomer, the Martin 242 out of Bellingham, quickly sailed into the West Guemes shore and dropped anchor waiting for the wind to build. Journey led the charge up the Cypress shore but the wind was not due in for another hour and the fleet was soon washed out to the South. Once  the wind filled in solid the Hassenfeffer's were in the thick of it as a lovely spinnaker run brought the fleet to the North end. At the point  the fleet rounded the R4 buoy it was Katie bar the door! A Southeaster gusting close to 40 met the fleet and soon snapped the jib halyard, outhaul, blew 1/2 the battens out of the 242 to put a hitch in her giddy up. Kinetic Ki picked up a mooring buoy to stow a torn main. Kymodoce got busy with reefs and headsail changes and likely won the day. Capt Ed K and son dropped anchor and waited for the tide off Samish. Unfortunately for the Team Emoyeni which has been off to her best season of racing ever donated her rig to Davy Jones locker off the east side of Huckleberry Island. Capt Andy Damis and the crew of Journey stood by ready to offer assistance  if needed. Results should be up soon...Back to International competition...
The mighty Icon represented for AYC and brought home the only podium finish for the AYC fleet at the Southern Straits Regatta hosted by WVYC. Passepartout was the victim of a nasty spinnaker wrap and the Wild Rumpus is likely in the market for a much needed fathometer. Of note is this regatta once dipped to as low as 42 entries and this year there were over 100! (Plus the RC stepped up and had three portable hot tubs on site, but as they say YOU HAD TO BE THERE!!!)