Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Night sailing and You!

Once upon a time there was a small yacht club in a vibrant, livable city in the Pacific Northwest. The folks that made up this yacht club had so much fun others wanted to join in. Now look how far we have come....The members of the club and especially the hard working volunteers are certainly the backbone of our club, without them the doors would close and eventually the roof would cave in. The heart of our club is the boating. Wednesday night sailing is a terrific example of this. We have classes for the hard core racers and NFS classes for the rookies and the more casual crowd. The galley and bar is all set to accomodate members that want to be a part of it all without getting their feet wet. Of course if you want to learn what racing is all about without risking your vessel, give Mr. Beemer a shout and let him know you would like to help with race commitee duties, don't worry they will set you up in a role you can handle. The crews come up with tasty meals and cocktails are priced right, so if you just want to unwind with fellow yachties come on down and join the fun!